Thursday, November 11, 2021


I went into Lululemon the other day looking for comfortable clothes to not work out in. I wanted them for traveling and every day life and I must be able to dry them. I had such an awesome girl help me. Her name was Kat! Go see her if you’re near the Blakeney store in Charlotte. 

Anyway here’s some of what I bought and some of what I have my eye on. 

1. This sweater. It’s not hot, it’s just the right weight and so comfortable. I don’t think this will be the last color I get in this. 

2. I tried on several short sleeve tees in there and by far this one was the most relaxed and best cut for me and my rolls! Oh, and I sized down in it. I couldn’t wear the love shirt that a lot of people like. And yes, I’m still very in love with my long sleeve tee that I can’t stop talking about. I wear it with jeans, shorts, and leggings. 

3. So my plan is to wear the gray shirt above with the maroon cardigan with these leather leggings (size up) and my sneakers

4. I always thought the swiftly shirts were too tight but actually they have two different styles. One tighter and one more relaxed. This is the more relaxed and I tried it on in the store and really loved the way it fit me. On my Christmas list! 

5. This beanie falls into the category of something you wouldn’t buy for yourself but the pink would surely be fun to have! 

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