Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Randoms and Grady is 3.5

Got some randoms today because I feel like chaos runneth over with stuff we have going on and work. 

1. Gruesome and not fun to talk about but we had wills and power of attorneys and all kinds of things drafted in 2016 then never took the time to execute them. We finally got our will done this week and that’s a relief. Now we need to do the other stuff. Everyone in our fam knows what goes down but much better to have it done the right way. Here’s your reminder!

2. Grady told me last week that he was done with sippy cups of milk with his meals and pull-ups at night. Ahhhhh!  We are still working on the second item but very close! I always say that that’s not something you can train…they have to want to do it themselves. He brought it up by himself last week so maybe this is it! I’m oddly very sad about the sippy cups. Maybe as sad as I was when the kind man bought the Red Ryder wagon from our yard sale. End of an era. Many miles on that cute wagon! Anyway, Grady turned 3.5 yesterday. I remembered when Gee, Grady and I were waiting for the girls outside of dance!

3. Yesterday I put the little Christmas trees up in the kid’s rooms. They are so excited about it! Earliest I’ve ever done it by why not?!! They will decorate them over the next few days!

4. My peloton app looks so funny because it shows me working out early in the week then nothing the rest of the week. But I’m hefty into tennis at the end of the week. Last week I played Friday and Saturday. I have the tennis bug!!!

5. My AirPod case broke two weeks ago so I made an appointment at the Apple store in Charlotte. I went and they said they had to ship them off. Well they notified me along the way. They got delivered to their service center on Monday at 10:10am and they were fixed by 10:19am. Then shipped back to me a few minutes later and they arrived on our doorstep by Tuesday morning. Customer service was unreal!! 

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  1. #1 is no fun but SO important. We are still in the thick of the sippy cup phase with our youngest, this is a good reminder to enjoy and cherish it!