Friday, November 19, 2021

Five on Friday - MA so sweet

My tractor loving boy has been driving his tractor around mowing the grass in every room and making marks on the carpet like our grass outside. It’s adorable.

This child has been incredibly sweet this week on a week I needed it most. See to the left of her shiny pillow? She slept with a card she made me for my birthday so she could give it to me right when she woke up. She also had grady make a card with pink and green scribbles because she knows I love those colors. She set her alarm ten minutes early to make sure she would wish me a happy birthday and get downstairs in time to make a game of letters on post it’s that I had to find and figure out what it spelled - Happy Birthday! I mean seriously!!! I think daughters were made to take care of their mamas. She has taken care of me this week and I’m getting teary writing about it. 

I did not know what I was signing up for when I was asked about getting shirts for Grady’s thanksgiving feast and cutting and beading them for all 13 kids. But I ended up with only a day and a half to get them done because of shipping delays from Michaels. It worked out but I lost quite a bit of sleep this week! ;) Molly Anne helped me one afternoon on my bday with these ha. And the teachers also helped. It was a team effort!

She of course had to put her outfit on from when she was in the 3’s and did the same thanksgiving feast. Good spot to read her school book right?! Mills loves his Molly Anne in a big way. She is very comfortable to him. I’ve noticed him going to her if I can’t pet him right away. 

The four of them singing happy birthday to me with a Bundt cake that Gee and Bubba surprised me with. So sweet. See Mills singing? Kidding but he wanted a bite! The kids associate a birthday with blowing out a candle and eating cake! I didn’t really think about that until this year and they were like where’s the cake?!! Oh and you can see the post it’s that she had done for me. 


  1. The post-it notes! If that isn't the sweetest thing ever!

    It is really funny/cute/sweet how excited kids this age get for any and all birthdays! So fun!

  2. Happy Birthday! MA is the sweetest! It sounds like such a special day!

  3. Happy Birthday! MA is the sweetest and it sounds like such a special day!