Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Day 3 - Napa - Russian River Area

On Saturday we headed back to Model Bakery and got the veggie sandwich that my friend Margot recommend. Talk about amazing - homemade english muffin, avocado, hashbrown, egg, heirloom tomato, ketchup and mayonnaise. Something I wouldn't have put together but delicious!

Liam picked us up at 8:30am and we headed to the Bacigalupi winery in the Russian River area. It's a small winery like most we did. Some friends in the group we went with had already been to the big ones - Caymus, Silverado all of those. We did do two bigger ones but it wasn't the focus of the trip. It actually ended up being a good mix and experience of everything!

Ariel and I

Kev and I. My dress is here. Multiple colors and reasonable price. 

I walked up the hill on the back of the little house and saw where they grow their grapes!

Liam and Henry, everywhere we went! They were amazing!

We had reservations at Willi's Seafood and Raw Bar in downtown Healdsburg and I must say, this restaurant was amazing. Probably top two best lunches I've ever had. I can't even think of another so this may be it! Yep, that's cheese. We ordered two of everything on the menu it felt like. Kevin had an amazing crab salad sandwich. I had oysters, this cheese and fish tacos. We all shared everything. It was incredible.

Next stop was Flanagan Family Wines. Check out these views. We didn't love the wine here and the lady was honestly a little pushy. She was nice but very into us joining their wine club. Not the same type of vibe we had everywhere else. 

Last place we went was Del Dotto. It's down in a cave and you get to drink wine right out of the barrels. And all of the wine is extremely expensive and probably a little much for our taste. Some in our group bought some though. 

At the end of your tasting they give you made from scratch pizzas, sausage that they dry out there, and tater tots! Ha! It was an experience and one I probably don't need to do again. Little too fru fru for me but glad I got to see it. 

We ended up just hanging at the terrace on the second floor of the hotel for a late dinner. It wasn't even all of us. Just casual hang out after a big day.

Last day coming up soon!

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