Tuesday, November 2, 2021


As you can tell, it was a beautiful Halloween day! 70 and sunny! 

The neighborhood always has an amazing Halloween party complete with a parade, an awesome DJ (Ally), prizes, crafts and tons of food. It’s such a fun event!

Marching in the parade! 

Uma from Descendants 2 and Grady the digger! They each picked out their own costume which I loved because it was creative and extra exciting for them! 

As you can tell, Grady is very shy like his sister hahaha! Joking. Look at him up there dancing!

Hello friends!

Some of the kiddos!

Mills is always a Lion! This year he was a champagne sipping lion because he was playing with his champagne toy that his cousins gave him! He’s a hoot. 

Molly Anne and her pumpkin!

Grady and his pumpkin! Very specific about which shapes he wanted and how he wanted the mouth! 

Ready to go trick or treating!

They’re off! Hilary and I handed out candy for a bit then her in-laws took over and we took both golf carts out to roam the hood!

Grady really got it this year and had a blast. He hung with the big kids and ran up to every house and up and down the stairs! He had a ball! 

At this house the people are up on the balcony and shot the candy threw a tube to the children. They loved it!

We lasted until about 8:45pm but had to go in because it was a school night and a Sunday night afterall! I like Halloween on Friday and Saturday nights! 

I de-pumpkined the outside of our house yesterday morning and I need a break before I do Christmas decor! 

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