Thursday, November 18, 2021

Last Day - Napa

On the last day Kevin and I tried another bakery called Monday Bakery. It was good but not like Model was! Check out the sticky buns! We both just got the breakfast sandwich. 

Sunday was Ariel's birthday so Steve got her some roses and desserts. And asked Liam to also pick up some champagne. Actually, we drank champagne every morning on our way to the first winery. Liam got special champagne for this day though!

First winery was Dos Lagos and we were on the couple's back deck hanging out with them and learning about their vineyard. We bought a few bottles from them. 

He gave us a tour of all of his grapes and we learned so much. 

His wife made us chocolate croissants to enjoy with the red wine!

Artwork that Marcie painted and is on a bottle of theirs. She painted all of their labels. 

We stopped on the way down the hill for this awesome view and a picture. It was super safe hah. 

Selfie with Liam and Henry

Second stop of the day was Trefethen and it was gorgeous and the tasting was wonderful. 

Highly recommend going here. The halo was sooo good. We ended up getting two bottles of the Dragon's Tooth. 

Late lunch for Ariel's birthday at Compline in downtown Napa. 

Kevin had a local IPA with his lunch. 

Oyster po boy was so good!

Then we hit the road to San Fran and Liam dropped us off at the airport hotel to spend the night before we flew out on Monday morning. Such an amazing trip and one we will never forget. Thank you to Kevin for taking me out there! We did it up!

And Mills had fun at golden retriever camp ha!

Thanks for coming along for my recaps! Overall I wouldn't change much about the trip although it felt pretty rushed a lot of the time and Kevin and I both said maybe we'd schedule an afternoon to hang around downtown Napa. Downtown Napa reminded me of Alexandria, VA a little bit. 

And maybe two wineries a day is sufficient, not three but we wanted to get a lot in while we were there. It felt busy though! Not one of those lay on the beach vacations for sure. Having Liam drive us around was a huge perk and while it was very expensive, it was worth every penny. Noone had to drive and everyone could have extra fun and not worry! It was quite a trip yall.  

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  1. It sounds like it was AWESOME! I have never been to Napa but it is certainly on my list - I have a big birthday coming up next year so we'll see!!

    The picture of Mills is too funny!