Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thanksgiving Part Two

Part two begins on Black Friday!  We went shopping at Talbots and I took both children with us - YIKES!  Yes, we knew everyone in the place by the time that adventure was over!  And Grady got called a girl for the first time in the dressing room (he was again on the plane ride home!).  Perhaps dressed a bit too southern for the Maryland folks?  We even were brave enough to go to another shop before we went home for lunch!

That evening we had family dinner for Thanksgiving a day late!  Aren't they presch all dressed up in their turkeys?!  I'm basically dead over Grady's shoes! 

Crabmeat appetizer and she also had a great shrimp one too!  

Molly Anne made herself right at home.

Frankie was amazing and played with both of my children so much!  She teaches 3 year old pre-school so she knew Molly Anne and how she rolls instantly!  

Decorating gingerbread houses!

Molly Anne loves her Frankie!  They're cousins!

Grady was a champ with Aunt Jenni!

Mimi (my parent's long time next door neighbor)!

Molly Anne LOVES the piano at my parent's house and I expect one day it may make its way down to Charlotte.  Mimi knows how to play the piano really well!  She's one of those that can play any song instantly if you name one!

I love love love that Molly Anne enjoys playing with my dollhouse so much!  

Popsicles with Poppa!

Nannie had gotten her a couple of her surprise pony's that she likes so much!

Mom had Santa hats made with their names on them...of course!

I'm so lucky to have them!  It's a special thing to see my parents love on my children!

Our Sunday night meal was cream of crab soup and sweet potato biscuits with ham.  And red wine.  It was DELISH.  And Grady even really liked the soup (and biscuits)!  His first taste of crabmeat!  I want to remember that!

They both sleep really well at home-home as I call it!  She sleeps in my Uncle Mac's bunk beds that he had as a child and then they were my brother's!

At the airport VERY early on Monday morning to fly back!

We made it back to Charlotte, barely.  Haha.  It was a little rough getting back but we survived.  Both ways, people on the planes commented about how good they both were so I'll take it.  At first I was shocked they were so kind to say something but then I realized I should praise Molly Anne because she really was pretty good.  Grady is always along for the ride on life..Mr. Laid Back!  He loved his first plane ride though!

It does take careful planning to travel with two littles by myself and one that depends on bottles and diapers! ;)  But we made it and would even do it again!  It's always worth it!  We missed Kevin being with us but he held the fort down at work and with Mills.  We FaceTimed with him 800 times a day!  A special thank you to my parents who always go way out of their way when we come home.  xoxo  


  1. What a beautiful family visit! Loved the photo of you and your brother above the mantel! HA HA
    Happy you had safe and fun travels - that's amazing that you did it all alone! Cudos!

  2. What a fun Thanksgiving celebration! It looks like you all enjoyed every minute together!💕

  3. I haven't been on Bloglovin in about 239048 years, it seems. Grady has grown so much! He is a DOLL!!!!! What a little blessing! So glad y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! Happy holidays!