Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Rest of Birthday Weekend

Saturday was my birthday and it was a big day.  Started that morning at the doctor for Molly Anne after she cried that her ear hurt at our club Friday night.  She ended up being clear thankfully and we ended up having a Starbucks date and getting to see our friend Cathy at Teeter too.  

This was from their Thanksgiving feast at school Thursday. 

Grady and I at the doctor on Friday.  Literally I've lived at the Pediatrician's office.  Poor Grady, we went three times last week + urgent care.  His croup has been horrible and he's still pretty fragile with being so young.  I took him back again yesterday because he's still not better after two rounds of steroids.  Time is going to be our best bet they say.  Ugh I hate that he isn't feeling good. 

Back to Saturday.  After the doctor and breakfast, we went to soccer.  Kevin kept Grady home with him.  

Then Kevin informed me there was a delivery outside during nap time.  Peloton at last!  Woohoo!!!!

So now I really have no excuse ha!  I did my first ride on Sunday and I love it!

We went to the Independence on the Farm event then came back home in time to have Jacquie come and we left for dinner!  We booked a suburban to grab us and two couples and we scooted uptown for dinner at Sea Level.  It was fun we got to all ride together.  

Dinner was delicious.  We had a bunch of appetizers and a good dinner.  I had swordfish!

Then we went to Ri Ra for a couple of drinks.  

And hit the road home at 11ish!  It had been a long day!

Sunday was low key.  We had to recoup from a crazy Saturday!  The children needed to chill too so it was perfect.  We played some games and did Grady's exercises.  

Then Molly Anne and I went to dinner for Kendall's birthday!  She is turning 7 next week!  We gave her the Amazon Fire tablet and she was thrilled!  

This week is wild so I'll be back soon!  Happy Thanksgiving to yall!


  1. Yay peloton!! Did you use a referral code to get $100 to the store? Text me your LB name!

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the peloton! What an amazing birthday gift! I hope everyone gets healthy and you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Sounds like a great bday weekend!
    I hate spinning,but the Peloton is very enticing!