Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Happenings

It has been a week yall.  I've run around like a crazy person.  I'm incredibly busy at work and trying to get stuff done at home for Christmas too.  Yikes.  Oh and evidently I have a sinus infection.  I finally took myself to the doctor yesterday so you know I felt badly.  The antibiotic should cure me but in the meantime I won't be talking much because I've almost lost my voice and I'll be sleeping 4 pillows high!

1.  I've gotten some decorating done for Christmas and here is a sneak peek!  I got some fresh garland from a nearby Christmas tree lot and it's beautiful.  I doubled it over and put it on our stairs.  This is the first year I've decorated this house so it's been fun to figure out some new decorations!

I always get boxwood wreaths.  They are simply classic.  I ordered bows from here.  I have 24" wreaths and got 12" bows!

2.  This boy is sitting up on his own pretty well as of this week.  We worked hard on his PT over Thanksgiving when I had him for almost a week straight!  Still not rolling over but he's getting closer!

3.  I had a nail in my tire...ya know the tire we bought like 6 weeks ago.  Yep.  Thankfully it was under warranty from the dealership but I really thought the 2.5 hours to get a new tire was ridiculous.  It's done now but ugh!  I was kinda over filling up my tire with air every 4-5 days over the last few weeks and now we know the culprit!  I have run flat tires so it never fully deflated thankfully.

4.  This King went to the vet this week.  He was acting really weird (and still is) but I think it's from me being gone last week.  He's been following me around even more than usual and must be touching me at all times.  The vet also looked at a cyst under his neck and tried to deflate it with no luck.  Basically it was an $85 car ride for Mr. Mills but he's always worth it! ;)  

5.  Before and after of polishing silver.  My friend Helen told me about these wipes and they work really well!  

6.  When you've been gone for a week during Christmas shopping.  I've bought almost everything online this year.  

7.  This creamer is good!  Don't blame me when you become obsessed!  Got it from our local grocery store!

8.  Anyone else an XM Radio listener?  We are way into station 778 - Country Christmas!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! We hopefully will be getting our tree done and we have a couple festive activities on Sunday!


  1. Just ordered those wipes - i HATE polishing silver! :)

  2. Adding those wipes to my next Amazon order! Polishing silver is so necessary, but a chore I absolutely dread! Thank you!!

  3. I love your garland and wreaths! I'm also going to have to pick up those polishing wipes; thanks for sharing! I hope you're feeling better soon and get a little rest this weekend!