Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thanksgiving Part One

Last Tuesday I set off on a little adventure with two children and a lot of back up everything...formula, bottles, diapers, wipes and snacks!  Oh, and an iPad because I ain't above it yall.  Here we are on our way out the door to the airport!  Mills didn't want us to leave.

I had to plan out what bags I could take because of getting from my car to the ticket counter where I could check luggage.  The business valet folks got me to the terminal but I had to think about when we came back and I was in baggage claim by ourselves and had to get up to the bus with everything.  ANYWAY.  It wasn't my first rodeo traveling with a child, but it was with two!

I had one big suitcase that I pulled and I had my purse with essentials on my shoulder and a large longchamp on my shoulder that included my makeup bag and extras of everything.  My emergency bag if you want to call it that.  Then I had Molly Anne pull my little suitcase and she had her backpack of junk that she never used.  Haha.  I checked both suitcases then we were simplified. 

Oh and under the stroller I had a blanket for Grady, Molly Anne's coat, the gate check bag to put the stroller in and my Boba carrier in case I needed to carry Grady safely while getting onto the plane (which I used).  I also used it when we got back to Charlotte and threw Molly Anne into the stroller so we could bust a move to my car!  My coat and Grady's were in our checked luggage.

Yep, this.  It provided an hour and a half of silence.  And we all said Amen.

An angel, I'm telling you!

In Maryland and ready to see Nannie and Poppa!

My parents had gotten us a cake for my birthday the week before.  This is the famous Smith Island cake that Molly Anne had in July when she was potty training and I definitely gave it to her at 7:30am in July if she went potty.  So when she saw it again this time she was like, "CAKEEEE" and wanted it every 5 minutes!

We really didn't do much at all and were very laid back the entire time.  Molly Anne did a couple things with my Dad on Wednesday morning - they went to story time at the library and to Target but other than that, it was low key.

Thursday we cooked a dinner at home because we had family dinner the next day with extended family.  Molly Anne holding the turkey!


This boy started really teething on Thanksgiving Day!  Bless his little heart!

Ignore the mashed potatoes.  We like them and just brought the dish to the table!!  Don't look Mom!

Yeah so yeah.  

Grady on the other hand loved his Thanksgiving meal.  He had turkey, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes!  Fun fact - the first time Molly Anne had turkey was on Thanksgiving too.  Oh before I forget, we did give Grady eggs three days in a row this past weekend and no issues.  So far at least!  Maybe I'll be brave enough to do peanut butter this weekend.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we drove around and looked at lights around town!  That was fun!

Part two coming up tomorrow!


  1. Looks like a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  2. No shame in your potato game ;). I'm Definitely impressed that you wrangled two littles in the airport by yourself with relative ease..Super Mama!

  3. You and Kevin make some damn cute kids. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Love that MA helped pull the small roller through the airport! Sounds like a wonderful visit home! Amen to the Mamas who fly solo (I end up doing it all the time but only with 1!!).