Friday, November 2, 2018


This was the first year in our new neighborhood and they do it right!  Tons of neighbors and friends.  We got to meet some new people too!  It was so fun!  The children all ran wild and we let Molly Anne stay up super late!  

We had a few friends over before the trick or treating began!  First, Mill the lion, Grady the duck and Molly Anne the ghost!

This is Will the gnome and he and Grady were born the same day!

All of the girlies, plus Grady haha!

There were lots of people out and about starting about 5:45 or 6pm.  We walked a couple houses down for trick or treating and then went back home around 6:15 so I could put Grady to bed.  We went back out just before 7 and that's when it got super fun and busy!  

Molly Anne and I met up with our next door neighbors and hit up a bunch of houses!  Some had tables at the end of the driveway and others that were in culdesacs came up to the main roads and had their trunk open!  

Molly Anne's other grandparents...aka the girls next door's grandparents!

Silly girls!

We hopped on their golf cart around 8pm and headed across the neighborhood to some more houses!  

They had the best time.  We all went in by 9pm completely exhausted!  It was a big night for our Molly Anne and she LOVED every ounce of it!  I let her eat whatever candy all night long and she thought that was amazing.  First thing she said the morning after - "mama, may I have more candy?!"  Haha, well the answer was no for obvious reasons.  But also because I scheduled her for a routine dentist appointment that day.  Who does that?!  I wasn't thinking haha!  

It was a blast!  I love doing all of these fun things through her eyes.  Christmas is going to be the best ever this year!


  1. Grady's face in that picture of him next to the elf is the best ever. I wish we had leftover Halloween candy!!!

  2. That’s hilarious about taking MA for her dentist check up the next day! It looks like such a fun time!