Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Move In Day House Pictures!

Well, Happy 2018!  We rang in 2018 at home in our pajamas with Ryan Seacrest and it was glorious!  Wanted to post a big house update of pictures so here it is.  Back to the grind of working today.  Hope everyone has a great first day back in reality! 

Also, I posted a lot on Friday and Saturday last week so be sure to check those out.  It's all about our move, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, uptown festivities and Christmas round 3!


Our house is still not 100% but the inside is finished (minus punch list things) and we were SO glad to move in before Christmas.  We had been working on this project for two years and had been under construction for one year of that!  It was a long time coming!

I ran over to the house early the morning we moved in and took some pictures!  The carpet guys had been there until 10pm the night before so this was my only time to get "finished" pictures.  Here they are and I'll narrate along the way in case anyone cares to know the details!  I think I forgot to take some pictures but as we finish rooms a little better along the way, I'll highlight certain rooms.  

Our floors are 5" white oak and stained Special Walnut with 3 coats of poly.  

The breakfast light still needs to be moved down.  You can barely see it in the below picture.  Maybe I'll do an up close kitchen post soon.  Lots of details in there.  The main area is all painted sea salt 50%.  I just didn't want an all gray painted house which I know is in right now, but just not for us.

This Bolton Lantern for the foyer.  Probably my favorite light in the house.  

You may remember seeing the handle that goes to the top on the right side, we had them move it to the left for a cleaner look.  They should have asked us how we wanted it done before they did it!  We stained the handrail Dark Walnut which matches our front door.

This room is painted full strength sea salt.  

Kevin's office.  We had these cabinets added kinda last minute and they are so pretty.  Eudy's Cabinets did all of the cabinets in our house and they are GORGEOUS.  

You can kinda see the dining room chandelier in there which will eventually have lots of crystals hanging on it.  Didn't want to put those on until sanding the floors was done.  Electrician is coming back to do that along with other tweaks on his punch list.  

We thought this was the perfect light for us because it is traditional and transitional if that makes sense.  We have mahogany queen anne dining furniture so we needed something traditional but something up to date too.  We have the large size.  

The bar area.  We were initially going to do a super fun backsplash but decided to match the kitchen instead.  It's beveled white subway.  Timeless and classic and we hopefully won't get tired of it.  We just ordered a new light to go in this space because the original one couldn't physically be hung in this spot.  We used this faucet in polished nickel and this hammered sink

Laundry room.  The only place we did a different color cabinet.  


Theatre room that is in complete playroom chaos right now.  This is my favorite room because it has made all of our other rooms so much cleaner!

We had these cabinets built in as well and they will house some toys and eventually video equipment. 

Molly Anne's room!  We used this fan in all of our secondary bedrooms and this one in our master.  Both under $100.  I know a lot of people put pretty lights in their bedrooms but we require fans yall! 

Molly Anne's closet which is the same as another guest room upstairs.  It just made sense to do them both the same because I liked the design that the trim guy and I came up with.  

Jack and Jill bath!  Used these lights, this mirror, this faucet and bath accessories, Shadow Storm quartzite and plain white hexagon floor with white grout (bleach to clean!).  

The bottom half of the subway tile was supposed to lay vertically and the top half was to be horizontal but the tile guys didn't follow instructions so now we live with only 4 vertical rows and the rest horizontal.  Ha!  It's still cool but not as cool as I wanted it.  

Our master bedroom. 

My dressing area with this lightthis faucet and carrara marble. 

Our master bath with these mirrors, these lights, these faucets, carrara counters and hardwood floors (which I'm SO glad we did!).  

Our shower marble isn't how we envisioned it but it's not as bad as I once thought (they did replace about 10 pieces and that made it better).  Kevin is cool with it and it's growing on me.  As far as the faucets etc, they're honestly a mixed bag.  The rain shower is my very favorite and it's a Jaclo 12" rainhead.  Kevin's favorite is the Mr. Steam steam shower!

Exercise room.  We used 4' wide rubber flooring that you see in gyms.  It's pretty cool.  

Kevin's closet.  

My closet which surprisingly wasn't as efficient as I thought it would be. 

Craft room/Mills room/Everything room/Wrapping paper room/Storage room

That's all I've got for today.  If you read this far, I'm impressed!  Glad I have these photos documented.  Now I'll start showing you finished rooms as we get there.  We only have a couple more boxes to go to the attic and a few more things to straighten up.  And we need to hang pictures.  I'm writing this 8 days after we moved in and Christmas was in the middle of all that so I'm pretty pleased with our progress.  Thank you Mom and Dad for ALL of your help!

Whew, this house is really turning into a home and we couldn't be more thankful to have had the opportunity to build this!  It's been a fun ride and one that I'm (mostly!) glad it's over.  What on earth will I do with all of my extra time now?!  Ha!  Oh, decorate!  

PS - outside pictures coming soon...ya know, after we have a fence, landscaping, sod, shutters, bluestone at the end of the driveway, fixed slate on front porch from the gas leask etc.!!!  Weather has not been on our side!


  1. love love love it all!! I am so glad someone else likes fans in bedroom, we are fan people, and I have always had a fan in my room. Even at my parents house. I need that craft/wrapping paper/storage room!! Can't wait to see everything with furniture in!

  2. I mean!!!!!! What a fun and beautiful home you have. Can’t even tell you how jealous I am of that workout room and that screened in porch! Just spectacular. Can’t wait to see it lived in

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Love every detail. SO excited for y'all!

  4. Best wishes on your new home! The color Sea Salt what paint company is that? Happy and Healthy New Year in your new home...

  5. What a beautiful home. I've enjoyed watching it come together.

  6. Looks amazing. I am sure you are glad to be in it!!

  7. A fresh slate! Looks amazing. And now I want to get my Bolton light out of storage, if only I had a place to hang it. Ha.

  8. It is gorgeous! You all are rockstars for moving during Christmas! Congratulations!

  9. So gorgeous!!! Love all the fixtures and the built ins. I have similar floors... love the paint colors you selected. I'm trying to pick some out now for our bedrooms. Happy New Year!

  10. It looks absolutely gorgeous! Love all of the colors and finishes you chose! We are fan people too! We are remodeling our kitchen right now and trying to find a paint color and I like sea salt a lot but was worried it might be too much for the kitchen but 50% strength is a great idea! I might try that!

  11. Beautiful and classic! Enjoy in good health, Beth! So much fun to follow along. Can't believe that you managed to make all those selections while working full time, traveling and keeping MA busy. She and Mills are beyond adorable!!!

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    YAY YAY YAY! So amazing!!!!!

    Please tell me about y'alls front door. Right now, we have a massive (tall and wide) mahogany door which the original owners did NOT treat. UGHHH. NOW the dang thing is literally splitting - hairline splits, but still. Annoying. So. We're going to have to buy a new door. Anyway, I like yours a lot, so details, please!!!!!!!!

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