Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Valentine’s Day Treats

Thought it would be fun to discuss Valentine's treats for the children in your child's class and for the teachers!  

This year I'm going to do these little fruit pouches for the other children at Ms. Becky's.  I was going to do a book for each child but that added up quickly and sometimes Becky invites past children she has kept or siblings and I didn't want to do that for 15 children ha!  I ordered the tags from here.  Tags are more expensive than the pouch but I could never make them!

For the teachers!  

Last year I got Ms. Becky this Swell bottle which was super cute and Valentine's Day -ish!

Starbucks Gift Card

Lollia Lotion - Wish is my favorite scent

 Williams Sonoma Striped Towels

And I couldn't forget my girl.  I got her this adorable placemat from here


  1. I love the placemat! That will be so fun to make the day special. Those food pouches are so cute with the tag too!