Wednesday, January 24, 2018


1.  I’ve been in Pennsylvania for work yesterday and today. It’s the first time I’ve spent the night out (for work) in a longggg time.  I’ve been doing so many day trips out west the last year.  I have decent airline status on two airlines but no hotel status. Kinda funny.

2.  I feel like things are finally calming down on the house front.  We are working on the punch list and honestly I’m getting tired of people being in our house but we are trying to schedule the vendors to all be there the same day each week. That’s helping.  We still need grass but the weather is not cooperating for irrigation first.  The snow really got us - it’s a lot worse than rain.  

3.  We’ve had expensive issues with our old house (which we never had when we lived there for 5 years) which I won’t get into on here but I’m so over it.  

4.  I need to get out all of Molly Anne’s spring and Summer clothes to see what I have accumulated for her during the end of season sales last year.  The shop I get a lot of her things from in Raleigh sells out of basics quickly so I need to get on that. 

5.  Speaking of things I need to do - I need to figure out Kevin’s birthday which is coming up and Valentines Day. I think I already know what we are getting him.  And I think Molly Anne will love Valentines this year judging by how excited she got to help me hang the Target dollar spot banner!  

6.  I have a bunch of new projects starting for work and they’re all at the same stage right now.  I think I have 6 in the hopper which is a lot at once but I’m figuring it out.  Three in Texas, one in Tennessee, one in Pennsylvania and one in Georgia.

7.  We had no internet or TV on Monday night so I didn’t get to watch the Bachelor so I’d love to catch up on that sometime between now and next Monday. We’ll see.  

That’s all I’ve got today.  What have you all been up to?


  1. What part of PA? Hopefully Pittsburgh :)

  2. It must be so exciting to get things done with your new house, and as frustrating as issues with your old house must be, at least you're getting it fixed and getting closure! I can't believe it's almost Valentine's Day! I bet Molly Anne is going to love the holiday. And I'm thinking about spring clothes for SC too. I think I'm ready for warmer weather!

  3. I know you’re so ready to be totally done with the house!! Patrick’s birthday is coming up too. We give him golf tournament tickets every year so at least that’s easy. I’m terrible at gift giving for him!

  4. Same thing happened with my rental house. The renters moved in and the starits to the basement split (old wood in the creepy basement), the dryer and garbage disposal stopped working. Never an issue the years I lived there! I have been SOOOO busy with work. Insanely so. But, at the moment I am on a plane heading to FL for a long weekend with my girlfriends. Have great weekend!