Thursday, January 11, 2018


On Tuesday Kevin was invited to the AFCA which is the American Football Coaches Awards.  Basically it’s an awards show for all football coaches - high school, college and NFL.  Mostly, it’s college coaches that are most involved.  It’s a celebration of their achievements!  It was televised so we weren’t allowed to use our phones after the awards part started.  

First, we went to a reception at the NASCAR Hall of Fame which was cool and they had a “green carpet!”  

We talked to Dabo Swinney (Clemson’s coach). After I told him sorry but I went to NC State, he said well ya got Clemson hair.  It was pretty funny!  NC State’s coach wasn’t there, bummer!

Then they walked us over to the convention center where the awards were.  We were seated in the fourth row so we had a great view.  It was a really neat event!  


  1. I went to USC, so I'm not a huge Clemson fan, but Dabo Swinney appears to be a great guy and coach. "Clemson hair." Too funny!