Monday, January 22, 2018

Vetty Awards

Saturday morning Kevin and I had an early start.  We took Molly Anne to my in laws and Mills to Camp then we headed to the airport and cruised up to DC for the night.  We went for the Vetty Awards where my friend Sarah received an award for leadership in the Veterans community nationwide.  If you know Sarah, you know how much of a heart she has for Veterans and how big of a difference she's made in SO many lives.  This was well deserved and then some.  She is simply amazing!  

Good shot of the monument from the plane window.  

Kevin and I played tourist during the day after we checked in at the Mayflower Hotel.  This is also where the event was taking place!  We walked over to the White House.  

We went to see it from the North Lawn first, then the South Lawn.

Then we stopped in for Brunch at Old Ebbitt Grill.  It was amazing.  We started with the crab and artichoke dip then Kevin had a crab cake and I had the Chesapeake Bennie and a Bloody Mary!

We went in the White House Gifts store to pick up a few things for Molly Anne and since we were over a certain dollar limit, they give you a coupon to get a free picture of you like you're sitting in the oval office or talking at the White House.  It was funny!

We walked around some more then ended up in this museum for a quick tour through.  

We headed back and met up with Sarah and Mike and walked around the City some more.  Then we scoped things out as they were setting up.  

Sarah had made us appointments to get our makeup done so I went to her room and we did that.  We felt like it was her wedding day that she got to do over again, this time together!  

We sent this picture to Molly Anne and told her we were Elsa and Kristoff haha!  

We met up in the lobby.  Doesn't Sarah look amazing?  This is her dressThis is my dressThese are my earrings.  And this is my wrap.   I carried an old Lilly clutch and wore gold strappy sandals I've had forever.  

I did not deserve to be walking on any red carpet but Sarah said do it so we did it!  Pictures to follow by Lindsay Hart of Hart to Hart Photography!  I'll post those when we receive them.  

Sarah and her sisters!

She was interviewed!

The President's Chief of Staff General Kelly and VA Secretary Shulkin were there and spent a lot of time talking with Mike and Sarah.   Incredibly special.

We even got to say hello to General Kelly.

And get a quick picture with him.  

And Montel Williams!  He said ladies in the middle, he wouldn't be in the middle for our picture!  

The ballroom.  

Sarah's acceptance speech was incredible.  I know I'm biased but it truly was the best of the night.  She got several huge rounds of cheers and a standing ovation.  


We continued the celebration and went out to The Hamilton for a drink and then called it a night around 1am!  It was such a special and meaningful occasion.  Montel Williams said that he's going to make sure it's covered by a large network next year because out of all the awards shows going on right now (Golden Globes, Grammys etc.) NO ONE deserves to win an award more than the people in the room that night.  And he is so right!  


  1. What a special achievement, you must be very proud of your friend! You both looked beautiful by the way :)

  2. Wow - what an occasion! I read your blog years ago and I am glad you are still blogging! Great way to start reading your blog again with a post on Washington - I love that city! Greeting from the UK - Europafox x

  3. I love that you went to this to support Sarah!!! You both look GORGEOUS!!!

  4. What an honor and fantastic event! I have such respect for our military and veterans, and I'm glad that Sarah was recognized! You both look lovely too!

  5. How AWESOME is that?!? YAY for Sarah! And y'all look AMAAAAAAAZING! It's so fun to get dressed up to the nines every once in a while!

  6. What a beautiful, amazing friend. Def proud!

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful night! Congratulations to your friend!