Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lilly Sale Round Two

Ahhhh they keep adding more items!  I went back last night to look at the Lilly Sale and bought two things for me after getting a whole slew of things for Molly Anne yesterday morning!  An Essie top and a Sophie dress.  Easily two of my favorite Summer things to wear.  

The Essie top is wonderful for weekends to look put together with a cute pair of shorts.  

But the dress, I think that's the star of the show.  It's flattering and you can wear it during the day to a shower, to work or out for dinner. I wore the one I already have so many times last year, I felt like people were getting sick of seeing me in it.  So, I sprung for the $59 and got the one below.  Let me know what you got from the sale and if you're going back for more today!  You can it shop here!  

1 comment:

  1. I love that dress! Since I don't usually wear Lilly, I worry about final sale and the sizing, so I'm holding off. But there are such good deals to be had!