Monday, January 29, 2018

Playground and Cowfish

On Friday afternoon on our way home I was on a work call and Molly Anne was silent.  We've been working on stay quiet while I'm on the phone.  The millisecond I hung up she said, "I was a good girl Mama, let's go to the playground!"  I said wellllll, okay!  So off we went, straight to the playground!  

Kevin had his friend Benjy over that night and they went out so it was nice to chill and go to bed at 8:30pm!  

Saturday morning, Molly Anne and I went to Blakeney to go shopping.  She was so excited "to go shopping with Mama!"  It was cute!  We wished Nannie was with us because we like shopping together!

The fountain and throwing some coins in it was the highlight!  I got three shirts from Banana and one from Loft.  I'll try to remember to post about those this week.  

Then Margot texted and said they were on their way to the playground and asked if we wanted to join so of course we did!  

Emme kept catching Molly Anne as they called it.  So adorable!

Last week I FINALLY ordered my child some shoes.  She's been living off her boots and these mary janes.  She needed some closed toed shoes for playing!  I got her these and these, both were about $30!

Saturday afternoon Molly Anne and I organized her playroom now that all of the cabinets in there have been fixed.  We put everything in plastic bins instead of plastic bags (safety first!) and organized by type of toy.  It was so accomplishing to have all of that done and her playroom looks so much better!  

For dinner that night we ordered pizza and it was so good.  Just normal ole Papa Johns but we never order pizza like that so it was something different.  After bed time, I got to work undoing all of our frames.  For about 18 hours, I thought one of my most special framed pictures of Molly Anne was missing but I found it on Sunday (in a box that Kevin randomly put in our guest room).  Now, we have to figure out what we are going to put up and what we are going to do without.  I don't want our bookshelves bombarded with pictures like our last house.  

Sunday was rainy so we played inside a bunch!  Before and after nap we worked on figuring out Molly Anne's spring and summer clothes.  We sorted through two huge bins of clothes that my SIL gave us.  Molly Anne tried on so many things and almost learned how to put her own shirt on so that was good!  Later, she said, "I loved playing dress up today!" ;)

We ended up getting out for dinner and went to Cowfish.  It was Kevin's first time there which I couldn't believe!  He loved his bento box and I had to document the occasion of my husband eating sushi!

Molly Anne loved the chopsticks and that's how she ate some of her mac n cheese!  Ha!

Mills was ready for bed and wanted me to come on up!  He's so sweet.  I love this bubba so much.

Monday morning and ready to go!  She told me she didn't want me to go to work today!  I guess she had a really fun weekend too!  And I'm trying not to think about how I want to go pick her up this instant and play all day.  

Of course, she had to wear her Frosty dress that she found yesterday from Sarah and Anna Kate!  I apologized in advance to Ms. Becky for how many times she may have to hear the Frosty the Snowman song today!  Oh and she's wearing her new shoes that I talked about in this post!

Happy Monday!


  1. Where do you find those cute white ruffle collar shirts for underneath MA's dresses? Thank you!

  2. Aww! Those pictures of Molly Anne playing at the park are adorable! Yay too for her being such a good girl! We finally started to organize SC’s toys and it made me so happy to get organized! Yay for such a productive and fun weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, if we dare stay up too late, Patton will just go right on upstairs to bed! So funny. Are they not the sweetest?

  4. Y'all pack so much fun into your weekends like we do! This is such a fun age! So ready for warmer weather, though, so we can play outside more....especially the POOL! Happy Wednesday!