Monday, January 8, 2018

First Weekend of January

We stayed home on Friday night and made homemade pizzas.  I felt like it was our first night to just chill in our new house and it was nice!

Saturday morning Mills obviously wanted to do some cooking with Elsa! 

And Millsy wanted to dance too.  She said, "Hold my hand Mills and dance in a circle with us!"  She and I were having a little dance session to Let It Go, of course!

Nap time on the weekend always looks like this for all of us!

I gave her regular popcorn for the first time on Saturday.  I know, I know I'm a little crazy on that but I just hadn't done it yet.  Evidently Kevin gave her some a few weeks ago but I wasn't there so it didn't count ha.  And he had no idea little children weren't supposed to have it.  She loved it.  Her new thing is laying in her sleeping bag on the sofa, dressed as Elsa, drinking some half water and half juice and eating popcorn after her nap.  Quite the Queen!  

Saturday afternoon we pulled out a couple Christmas gifts - this floor puzzle and this boogie board and played with those!  

We grilled out that night and it was soooo easy with how our new set up is.  I think I want to grill every meal because there's no clean up and it wasn't 100 degrees out there.  Maybe Winter is the best grilling time?!

Sunday we didn't do anything either.  We had to take Kevin's car to a driver over in Rock Hill, SC who is taking it to it's new home (to my brother/SIL!) today.  That was about it.  Our new neighbor on the other side came over and brought us this which was so nice.  We talked for a long time.  

After nap we went over to Emme's house to watch the Panthers and to have some football appetizers!  Margot made tons of stuff - bean dip, buffalo chicken dip, veggie plate, popcorn and a cheese plate.  Quite the spread. I brought this brie appetizer which is the easiest thing ever.  

These girls played played and played!

Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Doing Whole 30 and that Brie is making my mouth water!

  2. Yes. Grilling is the best ever. We grill year-round. I can’t imagine life without it! As long as it’s not iced over and unable to open, it’s getting used! Rain, snow, or shine! Haha

  3. I agree.. grilling is the best! The girls are so sweet!