Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Random Wednesday

I've got some random stuff for yall today.  

1.  Tomorrow we are touring a local pre-school to send Molly Anne to come August.  I'd stay at Becky's forever but honestly she needs to move on and have a little challenge in her life!  

2.  Speaking of growing up, I have yet to turn her car seat turn around.  She's 2.5.  She's still rear facing and everyone says to keep them rear facing for as long as you can.  Even the police officer who gave me the car seat lowdown (who is certified) said we should all be rear facing, honestly it's just so much safer.  So I've really tried to keep her rear facing as long as possible.  Her car seat allows it up to 40 pounds and the height max is the same for rear or forward facing.  She obviously doesn't meet either of these yet so it's still safe to have her rear.  

Yall know I'm a car seat crazy person.  I only want her riding in car seats that we buy because I know where they've been and not been and honestly I want her to be in the safest car seat possible, which I happen to think is the kind we own two of, ha! ;)  My parents even bought the same one we have!  They basically said well why would we want her in anything cheaper or less safe and I see their point!  ANYWAY, we are leaning towards possibly forward facing her semi-soon.  I don't think she's uncomfortable, she doesn't know any different and we haven't been doing any 8 hour drives.  Her legs are kinda scrunched not unreasonably, but I sit scrunched in seats sometimes for a 15 minute drive and it's fine.  I don't know.  Tell me your thoughts! 

3.  All of our boxes except one are unpacked.  Honestly we've been completely unpacked since before New Years.  I hate boxes sitting around and so does Kevin.  The box that hasn't been unpacked is mostly junk so I have zero motivation to get stuff out of there.  I hope Molly Anne's crib bed skirt is in that box?!  Or maybe I will have to cut my losses and move on from that one.   

4.  Last night we went to a football awards show.  I'll share pictures tomorrow hopefully.  

5.  How many of you all use Door Dash or Postmates?  We used Door Dash a lot in our old neighborhood but they oddly don't go to the new hood.  Postmates does so we've used them a couple of times.  Surprisingly they deliver a lot of restaurants around town which is super convenient on those chaotic nights.  

6.  A few of you have left me kind comments or asked me questions in your comments.  If you don't have your email set up with Blogger, I have no way to reply.  So if you have a questions, please email me anytime!  I'm always happy to reply. and this is on the top right corner of my blog!  


  1. so I am a car seat nazi, I judge away when I see someone not buckled properly, wearing heavy coats while in their car seat etc..however I turned both my mine before they turned to. (gasp!). Jack was almost 2 and Graham was 18 months, he was so mad every time we rode because he couldn't see the movie and Jack was FF. I saw an interview one time between two paramedics that said in their entire career they had never seen a child die who was properly buckled in. This really stuck with me. I am a nazi about making sure the chest clip is properly placed, the straps are tight and what not. I even give my FIL lessons on it all the time. So my two cents is, if you want to turn her, do it. You are going to have her properly buckled. Now all the extended Rear Facing mamas can chime in and tell me i'm wrong hahaha.

  2. Please keep her rear facing until she either exceeds the height or weight limit. It's literally five times safer and she's that much less likely to die of a cervical spinal injury as the result of a crash. She's so precious and I know you're a fantastic mom who places value in science:

    For what it's worth, my 3.5 year old still rear faces and will continue to do so until she exceeds the height or weight limit which could seriously be like age 5 in her case. There's literally ZERO reason to turn your kid until you absolutely have to. My oldest just crosses her legs or lets the hang off the side of the seat--she's never known any different and no reason to teach her now!

  3. What Adelyn said! My son is two and some people eye roll me when they see he is still rear facing but IDGAF what they think. It's the safest way for him to ride until he meets the height or weight limits and he's not bothered by it. I say if she is not bothered by it then to keep her rear facing. They can cross their legs!

  4. Hi-We turned my son around at 2.5, when we upgraded from the baby carrier car seat to the toddler car seat(s.) He was right on the verge of the height restrictions on the baby seat-within an inch or two and because he was so verbal I wanted to be able to better talk to him. Go with your gut because you will have plenty of ppl who are strongly one one side or the other.

  5. I don't have any advice on the car seats. But, I always have all boxes unpacked within a couple of weeks of moving. Tommy...not so much. He moved into his house Labor day and he still has boxes. It's driving me bonkers.

  6. We kept my daughter rear facing until she was 4. Turning the car seat around isn't a milestone or an achievement. If she isn't bothered or at at the limit of her seat, no rush. Also, kindly, to the poster above- using the word "Nazi" to describe being really strict about something is really offensive to quite a few populations. There are better ways to describe the point you are trying to make.

  7. We love Conner's school. So great for them not only from a learning perspective, but also from getting to be around a lot more children.
    You crack me up about turning her car seat around. We waited until C was 2. He's able to watch tv, so that's nice. Although I'm looking forward to the day when I can reclaim car silence or my own radio.

  8. Catching up on your blog posts! I'm keeping Oliver rear facing till he's 18! Haha But really though, everything I read says it so much safer and he doesn't know any difference and doesn't fight it so why change it?

  9. I turned both of my boys when they turned 4. (Okay one was 3 weeks shy of four, but we were driving home from Florida and he kept getting sick, so we had to try something.) I read that that's when their ligaments solidify and the risk of internal decapitation goes down significantly. I don't know, just that phrase "internal decapitation" was enough to keep them turned around for me. People thought I was crazy, but I did a lot of research and I didn't want to take an unnecessary risk. My oldest is 7.5 and still in a five point harness. He hasn't outgrown it, so why would I swap?

    Your house is beautiful. Since Google Reader went away, I'm more of a binge blog reader, so I'm catching up on a few weeks and didn't realize you'd moved in. I bet you're loving it!