Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Favorite Christmas Gifts

Kevin always asks me in the beginning of December what I want for Christmas.  I usually send him a few things that aren't on Amazon so he doesn't complain about me knowing what they are because we have one Prime account and it's linked to my email address ha!  These are the things that were on my list this year and one bonus thing that he completely surprised me with!

1.  I wanted a new Longchamp bag because I've literally carried the same green one since 2007.  I carry it to and from work every day and also travel with it.  Imagine how many miles are on that thing?!  It is still in good shape but I just wanted something new.  Anyway, they don't make the size that I need anymore so I decided this would be a good opportunity to go a different route. I've always wanted a Barrington Tote and I want to combine my purse and computer bag so I think this will be exactly what I need.  I can also carry stuff for Molly Anne in it so I'm hoping it becomes a 3 in 1.  I just need to see how it does going underneath an airplane seat.  We'll see!  It is coming in next week and I can't wait.  I'll report back in!  Oh, I was between these two styles and after texting my friends group chat, I decided #2 was more versatile and year round.  

2.  My Hunter boots got completely trashed while we were building our house and after years of wearing them on construction sites for work.  I'm still keeping them for true mud romping but I wanted a fresh pair that I could actually wear in public.  I decided on this Dark Slate color instead of Black like I originally was going to get.  I always want them to not clash with my pink raincoat and I want to be able to wear them with black and navy.  This color fits the bill and is also neutral so there we have it!  

3.  My favorite shower gel of all times and good for year round!

4.  Kevin surprised me with Bose Noise Canceling Headphones!  I know it may be somewhat geeky but I love some loud music and these will be great for being on a plane or ignoring hearing things in your own house.  Not that anyone in my house has ever done that!  Ha!  But this was a great idea, thank you Kev!  PS, yes the link above is from Amazon but I'm not sure where he got them from.  


  1. What nice gifts! I love the bag you picked and Hunter boots are so cute and practical!

  2. I have been eyeing a Barrington for a long time. I don't think I need a big one but am curious to hear your report!!

  3. Keep us updated on the quality of the Barrington tote. I've always wondered, as they don't look that sturdy to me? I am a Longchamp fan. That tote can go to hell and back and still hold up!