Friday, January 5, 2018

Five on Friday

Thankful for our new, sweet neighbors that are right next door!  They brought us dinner the day we moved in and I've already had to run over there for some dried rosemary ha!  We went over on NYE to let the girls play and it's just so fun!  Their girls are on either side of Molly Anne age wise!  Molly Anne thought it was Christmas all over again getting to play with their toys!

She is obsessed with the Elsa nightgown from Target.  I found her standing on my stool doing makeup the other day.  Probably not the safest but she lovesssss doing makeup!

Impromptu night at a pizza place.  We literally had one glass of wine, ate pizza, chatted and went home before 10pm!  It was easy and great to get together with friends to recap the holidays.

These two!  

It has been unusually sooooo cold in Charlotte.  I really hope it warms up soon so we can get some irrigation, fencing and sod in our yard!

I got this hat over the holidays with a gift card I had and I can't wait to get it in the mail!  Isn't it super cute?!

We have a couple formal events coming up in January and I ordered 4 dresses last night to try on.  The two I already had ordered did not work at all so I'm returning those today.  I'm also on the hunt for some new curtains for Molly Anne's room.  Hmmmm.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  


  1. That's awesome there are two girls right next door! Built in friends!

  2. I love that hat! Our quality director has a hat with two puff and it's adorable! Also? I am over having to wear a hat however I live in Michigan so I need to get over being over hat wearing:-)

  3. It sounds like you all are fitting right into your new neighborhood, and yay for such sweet neighbors (with girls MA's age too!). Also, that hat is adorable! J.Crew is having such good sales right now, that it's fun to buy a few new things!