Friday, January 12, 2018

Five on Friday - Earrings, Towels, Car, Books, Easy Recipe

Happy Friday everyone!  I've got five things for you all today so let's jump on in.  

I mentioned we are going to a fancy event in January and my usual jewelry box wasn't cutting it in the earrings department.  I ordered these and these which are below and also these which I got last night and forgot to take a picture of.  I have one more option for a dress coming tomorrow and if that doesn't work, then I've settled on another.  I'll need to have it altered so I've got to do that Monday for sure.  So after the dress is decided, I'll pick one of these three pairs of earrings!  Which are your favorite?

Christine monogrammed these towels from the Classic Collection at PBK for me this week and I just love how they turned out!  They'll go with the seahorse shower curtain I got her!  Molly Anne has been using towels I had in college  since she doesn't really fit into the baby ones anymore.  I searched around and was going to get her some from LandsEnd but I decided these were soft and perfect for her.  And the price was right.  I got her a two sets for $50.  Washcloths not pictures because I didn't have those monogrammed! ;)

We got our new car this week and Kevin is loving it!  No more new cars for a long time. 

Molly Anne is over board books and moving on to more toddler style books.  She is loving these and I follow along the words with my finger as we read so hopefully she is sorta learning to read at the same time.  She loves I Love Pink and "The Cinderella Book" the most so far!

This may have been the easiest dinner I've made in a long time.  
3 red potatoes
1 vidalia onion
1 smoked sausage
3/4 bag of baby carrots

Slice the potatoes, onions and sausage.  Put in a baggie or plastic container with the carrots and add olive oil, salt and pepper.  Throw onto a pan and cook at 375 for 30-40 minutes.  Done.  I gave Molly Anne all of this and some pears and she ate everything except the potatoes.  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. Christine does such a great job!! I never have PBK monogram anything anymore. Those towels are precious!

  2. That meal sounds easy and yummy, and I love those chandelier earrings! Those towels are also so much fun! Molly Anne is going to have such an adorable bathroom!

  3. I love the circle earrings! We are just starting to think about a new car. I'm ready for a third row but don't want a van!

  4. Get MA the books: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and Princesses Wear Pants!

  5. Love the BB earrings on the right - the circle ones. But gorgeous, regardless!

    Not sure if you used turkey kielbasa / smoked sausage, but we use that here for a "healthier" twist. Can't tell the difference. Yummy, and Conner loves it, too! Turkey kielbasa is in heavy rotation here. A lot of times I'll just cut it into circle and throw it into a grill pan, and do a side of black beans. Easy peasy.

  6. The sausage + potato recipe looks legit. Thanks.