Friday, January 19, 2018


Yesterday we had round two of a snow day although we only played outside in the morning then I took Molly Anne to Ms. Becky's so I could get some things done.  She had so much fun playing with her friends!

Millsy found his perfect spot where he could watch us in our neighbors yard and see what was going on out front.  The windowsill is the right height to rest his hoover and his heavy ole head!

Yesterday afternoon I took the two of them out for a walk by myself.  Not my best idea but they had fun and I wrangled a two year old from sliding on ice and Mills from running everywhere.  

We went to dinner with Kevin's parents last night and then I was busy after bedtime disassembling a car seat and fixing it, doing my hair, unloading a big Target run and organizing things.  We had our hardwoods touched up yesterday afternoon so that was good to get done too.  

That's all I have for today.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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  1. Look at cutie MA in the snow! Today is the first day that's actually warm enough to go play in the snow so I'm hoping we can get outside too. Have a great weekend!