Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Visitors

On Thursday, Molly Anne had her 30 month well check and all was well! ;)  PS - she LOVES the app Endless Numbers.  

Friday afternoon, my bestest MOH came over (she lives in Raleigh).  Molly Anne LOVED playing her.  After she went to bed, Kelly and I went to grab Basil take out and we just chilled and caught up.  

She had to leave early the next morning and we already miss her!

Saturday morning Mr. Mills had a vet appointment just to be checked out.  He has some cysts that we wanted to be sure were just fatty and thankfully they are.  

After his appointment, I took Molly Anne to Modern to have her hair cut and she loved that.  Then we went to the car wash and her life was basically made.  Obsessed.

Mama, what's that?  Mama, what are they doing now?  Mama, there's your car?  Mama, what's that?

We got home and she took a nap while Kevin and I got ready for some of his high school friends to come over.  She played with her train for awhile after her nap.  She built this whole train track by herself, including the bridge part, I was so proud!  

I made Buffalo Chicken Dip, Pepperoni Rolls and sliders...boy food!  Maybe I'll post the dip and rolls recipe later this week.  Good football appetizers!

The guys made a fire and watched the game out on the porch and inside.  

We are going to live outside this Spring and Summer, I just know it.  I'm so glad we have this space!

On Sunday, Molly Anne and I went to get donuts for one of Kevin's friends who spent the night and for us.  And that was about the extent of what we did on Sunday.  

Well, we did get out the snap beads that we got for Molly Anne for Christmas.  She loved them and I'm sure Mills did too! ;)  The cookie sheet idea I saw on someone's blog (can't remember who) was the best idea!

This part human is a saint!

I couldn't find Mills to come to bed with me last night and of course he was in here.  Little rascal.  

Again this morning, he went right in her room and woke her up.  He's a mess!  

Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Please post recipes.
    I never could build fun train track designs so I am very impressed too!!!

  2. Will you do a round up of apps you have for MA? Thanks!

  3. Hi There! I found your blog through another one I have started reading - looking forward to reading more! Your dog Mr Mills is just adorable! Europafox