Sunday, December 31, 2017

Year in Review

I think 2017 may have been our hardest year yet but we pushed through and look forward to 2018.  The house was a huge deal and a lot of work.  Kevin did really well with his businesses this year but was extremely busy with that.  My work load took me all over the country and a lot of trips to Utah.  Most importantly, we had a wonderful year with our Molly Anne!  We can't get enough of our girl.  Here it is by month:

January - house construction began in full force and I met my new cousin/niece!

February - I got to ski in Park City and we celebrated Kevin's birthday!

March - Molly Anne and I went to Maryland and I got to see cousins in Idaho!

April - Molly Anne had her first haircut and she was baptized on Easter Sunday in the church I grew up in!

May - Kevin and I went to Chris Stapleton for our anniversary present and we had an awesome trip to Pawleys with family

June - we were back in Maryland soaking up those free flights under age 2 and Kevin and I went to Marco Island, Florida.

July - Molly Anne turned two and Mills had ACL surgery

August - we lived at the pool every weekend mostly all summer and Mills turned 5!

September - Kevin and I went to Amelia Island , Molly Anne began playing soccer and we saw Jack Johnson in concert later in the month.

October - ehh October just wasn't a good month in our little world so I'll leave this month out. 

November - Kevin and I had a fun weekend of festivities , Thanksgiving and we met 10 years ago

December - we moved after building a house all year and enjoyed Christmas in our new home!

We are REALLY looking forward to a fresh start in 2018!  I think 2017 about zapped us mentally and physically but we have officially built a house together while we both worked full time and had a little toddler running around!  

CHEERS to all of you!  Thank you all for reading along this year!    


  1. You all had a busy year! Here's to a calm and happy 2018, as you enjoy the fruits of your labor from 2017!

  2. Can't wait to see how 2018 unfolds! Happy New Year!