Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Crafty Night Turned Into House Chaos

Last night, we had our annual craft night with a few of my neighborhood friends, this time at Regina's house!  Lisa brought the craft and it was a  reindeer that was so funny to make.  We laughed the whole time!  We decided that even though it said it was for ages 5+, it was really more for 35 and up!  Or maybe for people that hadn't been drinking haha!

About 10pm they said let's go see your new house so we jumped in the car and rode over there.  We walked in the house and bam, major gas smell!  Called Dad first because he always answers and knows what to do ha!  I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me to call 911 immediately but I was just in shock by the whole situation.  I called the gas company first and they dispatched their on call technician.  Depending on where he lives is how long it takes for him to come.  They said I should call the fire department for a faster response.  Called the non emergency line for the station down the street and they were so kind to come over.

They spent lots of time checking it out and ultimately they decided it had to do with the gas lanterns but couldn't find exactly where it was.  They turned off the gas at the meter and said talk to the gas company when they get there.  The guys were SO nice.  And of course the girls were like ahhhh we have to get a picture on the truck so they took our picture and dealt with us four crazy girls!  It was funny!  

Then the gas company arrived as the fire truck turned around to come back by the house.  The firemen jumped back out of the truck and explained what they had found to the nice man.  They left and the gas guy checked everything out.  He isolated it to the line that feeds our gas lanterns.  He turned that line off, kept the rest of the house on and told me to have our HVAC guy come out to fix the leak.  Basically gas was pouring out of that line and it made the whole house in and out smell.  

We are incredibly thankful that we happened to go over there and find this.  I mean what are the chances?  Thank God the house didn't blow up, seriously.  The firemen were like umm this is a big deal, next time call 911 immediately.  Less learned.  I got home at midnight and didn't sleep all of last night because I was still so worried.  Went back over this morning early to meet our contractor and the HVAC guy showed up shortly after.  Whew.  Now, we gotta get it fixed.............!!!  Something else to add to the list....sewer back up on Friday night, gas leak on Monday.....wanna move in some day soon!  Glad this stuff is happening without us living there.


  1. OMG. Glad it happened now and now when you all moved in!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is so scary! I’m glad everyone is ok and you were able to get it taken care of!

  3. that is so scary but so glad you decided on a whim to go over and see the house!! Hopefully all the mishaps are happening now before you move in!