Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up - Fudge and Chill

First, it looks like J. Crew got smart and brought back the pull on jeans that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago!  They're available in every size as of this posting!  I have loved mine more every time I wear them.  Today, they're 40% off and free shipping too with code NICELIST! 

This weekend we stayed home the entire time minus me slipping out a few times to the house.  It flooded on Friday night right on the new hardwoods that were installed that day.  More on that in another post.  

Molly Anne also woke up with croup on Friday morning.  Literally she was totally fine and normal and no runny nose no nothing Thursday and the Friday morning she had that bad cough.  It was very weird, especially since croup hits Molly Anne at 10:15pm almost every time.  I think this is the 6th or 7th time she's had it this year.  Anyway, I made her a pediatrician appointment so she could get the steroid even though she didn't sound croupy during the day, I knew it would get her that night.  I almost felt silly in the doctors office because she was totally fine and normal, no fever, nothing.  But, I know my girl and I know croup!  It was good she got her "chocolate syrup!"

We made the most of our Friday at home and wrapped gifts and played and she got in a good nap.  She literally stayed home all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we could nip this in a bud.  

Oh, I wanted to tell you all about my wrapping this year for Christmas - I got these brown boxes from Amazon and red and green ribbon.  The red and green grosgrain ribbon was $10 per color (now $13) and HUGE rolls.  Such a steal.  I also got these cute bags for a few things that I couldn't wrap.  As I mentioned before, I had to give myself some grace this year and got most people gift cards.  I just couldn't do it all but there's always next year right?!  At least my shopping is done and out of town boxes are being shipped today or tomorrow!

On Saturday afternoon we made our fudge that we make every year. Molly Anne broke up some chocolate and rubbed butter on pans but that was about it, ha!  

And of course she liked licking the spoon!

Sunday morning I delivered it to our neighbors and my two little buddies watched!

That's about it.  We missed a neighborhood party on Saturday night but it's good we chilled at home.  I think I slept 10 hours that night, so necessary to ramp up for the next two insane weeks!

Today we have our girls gift swap at my office during lunch and I have a bunch of other stuff going on this week.  Chat soon!


  1. Cannot believe the house flooded. OMG.
    And have you ever posted the fudge recipe here?

  2. Hope Molly Anne feels better soon! LOVE the gift wrap idea!! Was the ribbon from Amazon as well?

  3. MA and that little pony tail... killing me!! She’s so sweet. Glad you got the croup nipped and a relaxing weekend at home sounds like what y’all needed!! Fudge sounds amazing!!

  4. Flooded? Oh no, I’m so sorry! Can I bug you for more specifics on the Diana’s Punch you posted? Size of cans? Size of bottles? Thank you!!