Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Post Office, Cute Pic, Shutter Color Vote

Yesterday after I got Molly Anne at Becky’s, I decided to take her to the post office.  I know that doesn’t sound too thrilling but I thought it would be a nice little learning experience.  Molly Anne loves getting the mail everyday so yesterday she learned how the mail gets to our mailbox.  She started by putting each individual envelope in but then decided quickly that she could put a huge stack in and do it faster ha!  It was fun and she loved mailing our cards.  

I just love this picture of her from this past weekend.  She was taking care of her bunny.  One of our favorite things she says is, “mama, I gonna be a baby mama today!”  It’s adorable how she says it.  Y’all like our Christmas tree?  Molly Anne thinks it is magical!  Haha!

Can I get a little vote on our shutter color?  We are already leaning towards one but I won’t tell you which one.  Please vote in the comments!  Left is SW Gibraltar and is more gray.  Right is SW Outerspaxe and is more blue. 

So, Left or Right?!

I’m off to Texas for the day today.  It was a late night at our company party and an early morning.  I don’t function well on 5-6 hours of sleep but that’s all I’m getting every night this week.  Final push of the year! 


  1. Left. I do not care for any hint of blue on the exterior of a house.

  2. So, looking at them on your feet, I would have said right. But, seeing them with your trim and brick, I say left.

  3. I love both shutter colors! I really want to add shutters to our house some day. I think it looks so classic. I hope you get some rest soon!

  4. I would go with the darker, more blue, one.... the higher contrast will be more pleasing from the street "curb appeal" view.