Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Round Three

On Wednesday, my brother and his family came to visit!

We had a little Christmas that evening with them!  We opened presents, the three girls went wild, we had a nice dinner and we hung out.

The boys broke in our outdoor fireplace which was fun.  We sat around that, drank red wine and ate 12 layer cake after the girls went to bed.  

Thursday (after I dealt with the movers again that morning) we took the girls to Sky Zone and they had the best time!

They all did flips into the foam pit.  Watching Sarah and Molly Anne's was hilarious.  Anna Kate had hers down pat!  

"Ridin' dat horsey" was a highlight!

They went back home Thursday afternoon and we had some Inizio for dinner.  Simple and tasty.  

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  1. What a fun celebration! We had multiple Christmas celebrations too; it's kind of nice to break it up like that!