Friday, December 8, 2017

House Updates - Closets, Vanity, Floors, CO

I'm sorry but my life is revolving around this house and I'm so over it.  The countdown is on and we are into the final stretch!

The trim guys were there the last few days building closets.  Those guys are awesome and so sweet.  They can make anything and in like five minutes.  They're crazy!  We literally were designing it as we went.  I was standing there yesterday and was like hmmm could you all build a desk in my craft room instead of another set of shelves?  They were like done. 

These will all be painted, actually they already may be.  The painters were going behind them yesterday.   I had them make it 36" tall so I could stand and wrap gifts but also could sit in a chair that lifts.  It's 32" deep to fit lots of things.  And 6' wide.  

My closet...aka a room that I could live in.  It's really silly big.  But, it's just the way things shook out with the floor plan.

Kevin's closet.  

We got this vanity from Kitchen Bath Collection and I must say, I'm not entirely impressed with the quality.  I should have gotten custom cabinets made and gotten our granite guy to put a top on it.  Lesson learned and I won't try to save $200 next time.  It probably would have been a wash at the end of the day anyway. 

The back got damaged during shipping so I'm waiting to hear what they're doing about that.  It's not a huge deal because it faces the wall but we still paid a lot of money for the piece and it isn't perfect.  They're very nice so we'll see.  

We got the CO yesterday after I chased the nice electrical inspector down the street and begged him to come back to see a label he didn't see on his reinspection.  Power got turned on yesterday afternoon.  Now we are waiting for gas so we can get the heat on.  They still went ahead and started installing the floors and will adjust them after they acclimate.  This saved us a few days.  

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!


  1. DYING over that closet! When can I move in??? :)

  2. I love those floors! Yay for the CO! You’re almost done!!