Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas #1

I feel like all weekend on social media I saw pictures of families having Christmas with one side of their families.  It was fun to get our festivities started on Friday night with Kevin's side of the family and it was good to spread it out for Molly Anne.  She had a blast playing with all of her new toys all weekend!  

This Elsa sing a along was the star of the show.  She is obsessed!  

We gave Kendall lots of play doh treats and some books!  

Actually this Elsa towel was a pretty big highlight too!  She wore it around the house all weekend.  

She took opening presents very seriously!

Saturday morning we went to Nora Beth's 3rd birthday party! 

Saturday night we went to a new place for dinner called the Smoke Pit.  I don't think I've ever seen Molly Anne eat so much in her life!  She loved it.  And it was super fast so that was awesome.  

Yesterday I found my old sorority pictures and had fun texting some of those out to my girls.  Kimmy and I were always double trouble!

Check out my parents haha!  Old school yall!  Dad said he felt old seeing that. 

Hope everyone has a good week!


  1. That towel is so cute! I loved Playdoh growing up, but hated it when my sister or friends would mix the colors!

  2. What a fun first Christmas celebration! I feel like when they are this young it is so nice to spread it out, and it keeps them entertained longer and not overwhelmed! I also love your throwback pix!