Friday, December 15, 2017

Five on Friday - Christmas Parties

It's been quite a week.  Full of fun and chaos!  Everything Christmas hit this week so I'm here to share what we've been up to. 

We have an annual ladies luncheon at work with a white elephant swap.  We had a $20 limit so I took this candle and a $5 gift card to Starbucks as my gift to give and I ended up with a $20 Home Goods card!  We had Panera brought in and had a nice time with the ladies in the office!

Tuesday night we had our company party at Quail Hollow Club.  It was gorgeous and everything was perfect.  Our company is pretty small and since I've worked there forever, we all know each other's spouses very well.  It's always good to see everyone.  It really is my other family!  The after party was at Alan's house and their house is absolutely stunning.  It made me feel like we missed some things on our house but they're working with a different budget ha!

On Wednesday I went to Texas and got back about 11pm.  If you look closely at the second window from the left, you can see a deer head.  There were four deer in our front yard hanging out when we got home.  We've only seen deer once or twice in our backyard and never in our front yard.  It was pretty crazy!

Yesterday I took my girl to the playground because it was so nice out and she LOVES the playground in our new hood.  Running through the field is one of her very favorite things to do and yesterday we were running after each other and she kept saying, "you're kiddin' me!"  It was fun! 

She also conquered the "rock wall."  She's always tried to make it up there but hasn't been able to so once she did it yesterday, she did it about 50 more times!

I made some baked spaghetti for dinner last night which actually was pretty good.  While I was cooking, this one stayed entertained with these magnetic blocks.  Have you all ever heard of them?  I hadn't but my friend Lisa who knows about good kid stuff gave them to Molly Anne.  She really likes them!  Good for restaurants etc where you want them entertained. 

Last night we had our final bunco evening of 2017 and we did a favorite things gift swap.  Everyone brought three of the same item and each item had to be about $15-20.  I brought some gold tassel earrings from J. Crew! 

The way it works is there are two hats of names.  First hat has everyone's name in it one time.  Second hat has everyone's name in it three times.  Someone starts by choosing one person from the first hat.  This is the person that hands out their favorite things first!  They explain why they brought what they brought and then they choose out of the second hat the three girls that get their favorite thing!  Then she picks out of the first hat to see who goes next!

How fun is that?!

Sarah always has the best food - sushi from Cowfish and a meat and cheese platter from Reid's! 

This is what I went home with - a necklace from Katie, a Lilly cup and Starbucks card from Mindy and a Nest candle and Kiel's pear lip balm from Margot!  So fun!  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Sorry if this is a double comment - I'm having trouble commenting from my phone! Your week sounds so fun (love that Lilly tumbler you ended up with). There is an Alan at your firm who is my son's bball coach, if it's the same one I'm thinking I need to request the post season party be at his house :).
    We used to rarely see deer in our yard when we lived in Ballantyne... we moved closer in and the other day I counted 11 crossing the street in our hood. It seems so counter intuitive (I've also learned no to plant pansies thanks to them).

  2. What a fun week! Yay for park time with your girl and the holiday parties look like so much fun! I also love your gift swap with friends!