Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Questions

Doing a little something different today!  My friend Emily posted this on Monday and I thought it was fun!  Feel free to join!

1. Real or Fake Tree?  Real!  This year we have a 2’ tall fake tree (which Molly Anne thinks is so magical!) but once we move into the new house, we hope to get a smaller real one.  Next year, we will have our usual large real tree!

2. Favorite Christmas Cookie?  Mom’s Fudge

3. Home on Christmas morning or travel?  Home all of Christmas Day. Kevin and I decided that once Molly Anne was born, we want to be home with her on Christmas.  I didn’t want to feel like we had to run somewhere else right after opening gifts. None of that. We want Santa to come to our house and Molly Anne to grow up being home and enjoying the day.

4. Clear or Colored Lights? Clear!

5. Send Christmas Cards?  Only since we’ve been married!  But yes, we enjoy sending Christmas cards!

6. Favorite Christmas Present Received?  Probably my fancy earrings that Kevin gave me last year. I know I had a lot of favorite gifts from growing up but I can’t remember before two days ago these days.

7. Favorite Christmas Present Given?  Ohhh I love giving gifts. I can’t think of one in particular but if I think of something really creative then that would be it.

8. Stockings or no Stockings? Stockings for sure. Even Mills has a stocking. Santa comes to see him every year.  Sadly, Molly Anne already showed him one of his toys that she and I picked out for him! ;)

9. Christmas PJ's? For Molly Anne yes.  Not for us.

10. Favorite Christmas Carol?  Carol of the Bells.  Molly Anne’s favorite is Jingle Bells. On Monday morning she yelled from the other room, “Mama, sing Jingle Bells!”

11. Favorite Holiday Tradition?  Making fudge which is a family tradition on my side, looking at lights and saying ohhhhhhh to every one and searching for Rudolph’s nose on Christmas Eve (Molly Anne is pumped for this, this year!).  I also love taking her uptown to the Ritz to see the gingerbread house and the bears at the BofA tower.

12. Early Shopper or Last minute?  Early, I’m finished!  I can’t wait to do anything at the last minute these days.

13. Favorite Christmas Movie or show?  Ehh bahumbug here.  I’m not into TV that much. I do like the CMA Country Christmas concert ha!

14. Favorite Holiday Beverage?  
Diana’s Punch

15. Cookies and Milk for Santa?  We’ve not done this yet but we will this year since Molly Anne will really got it.  We did it when we were children but I forget what we left out. Mom, let me know!


  1. loved reading these answers! I can't believe you don't get into christmas movies or shows!

  2. Fun! I’ll have to try to link up too! I love your Christmas traditions, and I think it is so neat how you make fudge every year!

  3. So cute -- here are mine :

    1. Fake!
    2. Ginger snaps or the sugar 'spritz' cookies my husband makes
    3. HOME!
    4. Clear
    5. Always!!
    6. My pearl earrings J got me for our first Christmas together
    7. Last year my siblings and I got a really great gift for my mom, WAY too long to explain, but it cannot be topped! :)
    8. Yes!
    9. For the kiddos yes :)
    10. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
    11. Singing carols on Christmas eve; opening stockings FIRST before everyone heads downstairs
    12. Early
    13. Elf & Die Hard :)
    14. WINE lol it's so necessary, but also chai tea
    15. Nope, but definitely for me!