Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Friday

We've been super busy with the house this week.  We aren't getting the CO today but hopefully early next week! 

Here are a few other things going on in our little world!  

As I mentioned the other day, Molly Anne has been so into her makeup kit!  This is the one she has!

She put eye shadow on Mills this week then he licked her right on the lips after she did it.  Then she kissed him back.  They are the cutest ever.  

I had DVR'd Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer so last night before bed we let her have a little "chocolate coffee" as she calls it (aka hot chocolate) and cuddle up to watch it! 

My parents sent her a gingerbread house kit and she wanted to do it the second she opened the box!  We will do it this weekend hopefully!  PS - I feel like she looks so much older without a bow in her hair.  Have you all ever seen her without a bow in her hair anyway?!  Probably not!

I have loved these pull on black jeans with elastic waist.  They hit mid-rise and aren't too high or too low.  They will be good to have for Christmas parties that are a little more casual and perfect for casual Friday at work!  Looks like they don't have a bunch of sizes left in black but they do in indigo - that link is here!  Wearing with my Tippi sweater (30% off) and favorite shoes which I call my airport shoes (ha!) since they're so comfortable.  

This one is excited for several Christmas festivities this weekend AND her last soccer practice!  She begged to wear a dress this morning so a dress it was!  


  1. You are the 2nd person who has mentioned those black pants! I may need to take a look. Have a great weekend!

  2. those are really cute jeans! they look sold out but I will keep an eye out!

  3. Aww,I love her little Christmas dress! Lucky Molly Anne to have an engineer mama to help her with her gingerbread house! :) This is such a magical season!

  4. Love that dress!!! ;) And I don't think I've ever seen her without a bow...she does look older!!!

  5. Sweet MA always looks so darling. She does look so grown without a bow! Have a great weekend!