Thursday, December 7, 2017

House Update - Pictures

This week, our trim guy built our closets.  I'll have to show you all pictures of those after they're painted.  I'm writing this early Wednesday morning and we are supposed to get the CO mid day today.  Fingers crossed.  Wood for the floors will be delivered today or tomorrow and hopefully they start getting installed by Monday after they've acclimated for a few days.  Here are some other updates....

Well, we have a real back yard now!  We brought it a bunch of dirt, cleared out all the brush and fine graded it!  It's a lot bigger and maybe even bigger than what we have now!  We're really pleased with it!

I was over at the house Tuesday morning and they had temporary power on so I got to see actual lights on in the house.  I love the shadow that this light makes in the foyer!

So the inspector failed us for a few reasons but one is that we didn't have the furniture piece installed in the powder room (it hasn't come in yet).  Mike our builder did what any smart one would do and went to Home Depot and got a sink and faucet!  Too funny right?!

Laundry room with the light on!  Can't see the floor but it's cool looking.

The light for the breakfast area is amazing but hung too high.  We ordered more chain for it but the electrical cord wasn't long enough.  We have two ways to fix this so we're trying to figure that out now.  

Mantle, not painted yet obviously but granite around the fireplace installed (Black Pearl Granite) and mantle built!  It was crazy, I was there when he built it and we just designed it on the go based off our inspiration picture.  He had another piece of crown that I didn't like as much and he was like what about this one?  And I said done!  These decisions on the fly are crazy!  I can make a decision these days yall!

Well sorta, I cannot decide what to do with this light fixture.  I wanted to use it in our bar area but it physically doesn't work.  Thinking about hanging it in my getting ready area but it may be too much.  It's a really big seaglass light.  This one to be exact.  It's amazing but I don't know what to do with it. 

Molly Anne's jack and jill (actually it's jill and jill because it has two girly getting ready areas!) bathroom is coming together with the scalloped backsplash that I loveeeee.  I think they need to add tile in that little space against the wall to make it look finished.  We will hang this mirror (1/3 of the price of the PB Kensington but just alike!) and these are the lights.  They're so girly and cute!  Oh and this is the faucet which I also think it feminine!

Another shot of the back yard!

Figuring out if this light will work in the bar area?  These are our pendants above the island, in polished nickel.  


  1. Love it all!! I say go for a big fun light fixture in your dressing area!

  2. So beautiful! I love your entryway light! Hoping you get the CO today!

  3. It's looking so amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product. And don't know if I love that light in the bar area???

  4. It looks amazing! I love the way the tile in Molly Anne's bathroom turned out.

  5. Eeeekkk you guys are so close to being done!!!! Everything looks GORGEOUS so far!!