Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend - Soccer, Charity Event and Pool

Friday night Molly Anne and I went to the pool with my friend Margot and her little girl Emmerson.  It basically ended up being the best pool day ever and I want to do a separate post about it which will go live on Wednesday morning.  Here is a preview!

Saturday morning was soccer and Molly Anne was too busy hugging boys to play soccer.  Later in the session, they were all cheering each other on to score a goal and Molly Anne looks over at me and yells, "Mama CLAP!"  

She had a little more focus this week.  She even got pushed from behind by one little boy (twice!) and she didn't retaliate, she just ripped her bow out and threw it on the ground and said, "I don't like that."  It was pretty funny.  

After soccer we headed up to the Girls Tribe pop up at Sugar Creek Brewing which was a bunch of local women owned shops.  It was honestly a disaster with the stroller but whatever.  We stayed for about 15 minutes then I let her get a King of Pops popsicle and she was happy!

After nap, we went back to the pool and were the only ones there until right before we left.  It was fun!

Saturday night Kevin and I went to the Pierce's Project charity event at Heist Brewery and invited another couple to come with us.  Jim and Kim lived at our old condo building and we used to have so much fun back in the day.  Since we've all had children, we don't get to see them as often but we love when we do!  Plus, this was for a good cause and we were thankful to help sponsor the event.  It's to raise money for premature babies and the money goes straight to both hospitals in town that have NICU.  

I'm wearing this dress and similar shoes!  This was the first time I've worn this style dress and I loved it.  So comfy and easy to dress up or down!  They even have it in solid colors which I may have to get one of those! 

Sunday morning Molly Anne and I checked out a new bagel shop that opened near our house.  Of course she wanted the large chocolate chip cookie that she saw in the 7am.  But she liked her blueberry muffin instead! ;)

We hung out the rest of Sunday and of course went back to the pool after nap!

I went to Fresh Market and I have a post ready for tomorrow that shows what I got for the week.  No clue if any of you all will find that interesting but thought it would be fun for something different.  Wednesday I'll post about our pool day.  Thursday will be house updates - tile has been laid!  Friday will be a regroup of the week for Five on Friday!  

Enjoy your week!


  1. My cousin is a NICU nurse at Hopkins and a went to see the babies a few times. So little and it's amazing how one born at 1.5 lbs can grow and thrive!

  2. Love this post and that was seriously the BEST pool day. You rocked that Lilly dress at your event & I love the cause behind it! One more pool weekend, friend!