Thursday, September 7, 2017

Amelia Island, Florida

On Monday morning really early, we headed down to one of our very favorite places - Amelia Island, Florida!

We got there around lunch so we had an entire afternoon on the beach before the event for Kevin's work that night at 7pm!

It was a gorgeous setting out on the lawn.  Plus, the Ritz is just over the top and so wonderful.  Between the Ritz and Kevin's company, there are no details missed!  

Fireworks from the beach was such a treat to end the night!  So proud of Kevin for winning this trip -- it was an extra difficult one to win too so he is extra amazing!

Tuesday morning I got up and went right out the door to walk on the beach!

I ended up walking down to the pier which was two miles away and back.  It was so gorgeous out!  Something about being on the beach makes it not really exercise!

The hotel on a quiet morning!

Sweaty and gross!

Kevin met me in the lobby and we went to The Beach Diner for an easy breakfast!  Crab Benedict - yes!

We walked around some shops in Fernandina Beach and found a couple little treats for Molly Anne.  Then we headed back to the hotel and hung in the lobby while our room was being cleaned.  We decided to go hang on the beach for a couple of hours which was nice.  Can we please discuss how gorgeous the Ritz's renovated lobby is?!

We ended up checking out later that afternoon, a night early.  We just decided to get back to Charlotte for a multitude of reasons but we were both very busy at work, missed Molly Anne and had kinda been there done it.  We were only going to miss a couple hours but we would gain all of yesterday morning back at home.  We checked out, stopped for a fish sandwich at the Salty Pelican and then got on the road.  

We were only gone for one night and drove 5.5 hours each way but it was still worth it.  We got a lot done on the way down and back as far as discussing house stuff and our calendar for the next month or two!  Good quality time!

My parents were here and held the fort down.  It was so easy leaving because I only had to pack my stuff up, not Molly Anne and Mills too.  Of course my parents had done a bunch of laundry, replenished food and everything was spotless when we got home!

Yesterday I ran to my office early to get some work done then came home and played with Molly Anne and visited with my parents.  We enjoyed lunch with Kevin and my parents went to the airport to fly back to Maryland.  We miss them already!  Thank you all for EVERYTHING!


  1. looks like a fun and relaxing 24 hours away! Ive always heard Amelia Island is gorgeous, some where on my list of places I'd like to visit!

  2. What a fun little trip. Even though it was short, I think mixing up the typically weekly routine is fun in itself - especially if that means a night at the Ritz! You looked so pretty in that blue one shoulder dress too! Loved it!

  3. I need to go there! Have you heard how they will fair in the storm?

  4. Gorgeous! What a fun little getaway for you both as a couple!