Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mills and Molly Anne Love

I've always posted about how much Mills loves Molly Anne and how much Molly Anne loves Mills.  Their love started the second we pulled up with her from the hospital.  You all may remember how cute those pictures were!

I captured these last night as I went in to check on Molly Anne before I went to bed.  Mills was in there and he was not moving.  He wanted to stay right with her while she slept.  


Their love is the sweetest!  She likes to boss him around now and he likes to take her stuffed animals but it's still so cute!

And just a fun picture for your Tuesday!  I took this this morning!  She has a little cereal and milk every morning before Kevin takes her to Beckys!  Love her! 


  1. She is YOUR MOM'S TWIN in that last picture! I'm obsessed with how much she wears those wellies lol! The puppy/girl love is just too sweet.

  2. I cannot handle her sweetness!! And Mills too! They are both SO precious.

  3. Mills is such a special pup!!! Pure sweetness!

  4. This is so sweet!! Jack and our dog Roscoe had the sweetest bond. He still asks patrick to pick him up from the vet to this day. We had to put him down about 6 months ago. Mills is such a special dog!!