Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Quick Ride to Utah

Yesterday morning I flew out to Utah for the day to check on a couple projects.  When I landed, it was only 50 degrees!  I was not dressed appropriately to be outside all day so I quickly ran to Nordstrom.  I told the lady helping me that I needed a scarf/wrap but didn't want to spend much at all since I should have planned better and brought one!  Anyway, I ended up with this pretty one, on big time sale!

Main Image - Caslon® Linen Blend Scarf

Saw a couple projects....

Had a good lunch at R&R BBQ.  It competed with North Carolina BBQ well!

These next two pictures from flying out last night are actually pretty cool.  This is looking southeast and you can see part of the great salt lake on the right. 

They got snow up on the mountains last weekend!  

Got home around midnight last night!  Back at it today getting things done.  Chat soon friends. 

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  1. Such a pretty scarf, and that will be such a fun find for this fall!