Thursday, September 21, 2017

House Update - Tile, Doors, Brick

A lot has happened this week at our house and it's so exciting to see things that I spent a lot of time on, come to fruition!  I need to take some better pictures and I will when it's more complete. 

Guest bath - this is a navy 12x24 tile on the floor and a linen texture 12x24 tile on the wall.  None of this has grout yet. 

Molly Anne's tub - no grout in this yet but it will be white so we can bleach it to get it clean! 

Well first, I didn't want any niches because I don't think they're the most practical because they barely hold anything.  But it was pretty much going to be the only place a shampoo bottle would sit unless we did those old ceramic corner shelves.  

Once I came to terms that we had to have them, I really wanted the niche on the right wall so it wasn't obvious when you walked into the bathroom (our tile girl insisted on this too!) but it wouldn't work because there is a pocket door on that wall.  I decided it would be fun to do it purposely off centered since it had to be on the wall we didn't want it on.  Plus we were very limited due to how many studs are in these walls and how close they are together.  The niche will be tiled eventually so it won't stick out as much (this is prob done by now).  

Laundry room tile.  I didn't care much about this because I'll be the only one that sees it so we didn't spend much on this.  

Our master shower...splurge for sure.  I can't wait for this to happen.  

Guest bath... grout is coming.  We chose this tile because it wasn't too light and would hide dirt coming in off the back patio.  This was planned as a pool bath when we had a pool.  But it'll just be a guest bath for now. 

This shower tile is going to be gorgeous.  I can't wait for this.  

Interior doors were hung on Monday.  They'll be painted of course.

The queenie project manager LOVES going to look at the house after I pick her up in the afternoons.  She especially loves the masonry guys and Mr. Ronnie always talks to her about her boots.  She says, "let's go see Mr. Ronnie and I can show him my boots!"  

The brick is looking really good.  They should be wrapping up the exterior of the house today.  Next up is the fireplace and grilling station on the porch.  Hoping the masons are out of here in another week or so.  They've been here at least a month already! 


  1. it's really coming along! I love all the tile. Did ya'll decided to not do the pool?

  2. It is so gorgeous! The tile work is beautiful!