Thursday, September 28, 2017

House Update - Fireplace, Trim and Brick

Brick is wrapping up this week finally!  They've been at our house for 6 weeks I think?  Yesterday trim went up outside.  

The masons wrapped the porch in brick.  

The guy sponging the mortar over it.  You can see where he is standing, it's a little whiter and the right side isn't white yet.  That's the german mortar smear.

They built the fireplace Tuesday and Wednesday.  Isn't it so pretty?  They haven't done the hearth yet but it'll have a piece of bluestone on top of it we think.  

They were taking brick off the site yesterday so I'm hoping for a little credit haha!

Kevin and I worked on finalizing interior paint colors last night.  I asked on one of the FB Mom's groups about closet color and mostly everyone said WHITE!  So that's done.  We know our common area color.  Trying to finalize a couple of the bedrooms and bathrooms now.  

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