Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great, long weekend!

On Friday Mom, Molly Anne and I went to a little boutique here to get her some clothes for this Fall then went to the Freedom Park playground.  Molly Anne loved it!  The slides were extra tall and fast so right up her alley!  

We went home in time for lunch and her nap.  After nap, Nannie wanted to take her to pick out a toy at the toy store!  I know this sounds funny but since Molly Anne has been able to talk and walk, I've never really taken her to the toy store to look and play.  She's so sheltered haha!  She picked out this Farm since she was so obsessed since she got to go to the farm last week!  This has latches on it that she loves opening and closing and came with four animals!

Friday night when Kevin got home, we had this shrimp recipe, green beans and a bagged Asian salad.  Easy.  

Saturday morning Poppa was flying in to hang out with us so we headed back to the airport overlook to check out planes again!

We went straight to the Matthews Alive Festival so she could ride some rides before the parade started at 10:30!  We watched some of the parade then went home so she could have lunch and nap!  It was the perfect amount of time there!

During Molly Anne's nap, Dad and I went over to the house and he did some stuff with wires and I swept the stairs and downstairs.  

We had a new babysitter, Anna from across the street, come over to stay with Molly Anne after I put her to bed and the four of us took Uber to Porter's House for a good dinner!  It was a tight squeeze in the back seat!

Calamari and sausages.  Everything we got was SO good.  

I wore my favorite dress!  My parents are fun to go out with!  You should have seen my mom with her champagne cocktail! ;)

Sunday we didn't do much all morning.  During nap, Mom helped me organize some of Molly Anne's clothes, clean out our medicine cabinets and do some child proofing so Miss Curious doesn't get into anything!  Late afternoon, we went to the pool and watched Molly Anne go wild!  We ended Sunday by grilling burgers, veggies and corn!

I'll wrap up Monday later this week!  Instead of Thursday,  I'll be talking house stuff tomorrow!  


  1. Such a fun weekend with your parents! The picture in the back of the uber cracks me up. I've never really taken Jack or Graham to a toy store either so don't feel bad, they can be sheltered kids together hahah. Enjoy your time with your parents!

  2. Your dad sitting with all those wires is hysterical (and so confusing!) Looks like a pretty great weekend.

  3. We missed you at Matthew's Alive! We got there right at the tail end of the parade though.

  4. What a great visit with your parents! Also, the closest SC has ever gotten to a toy store is Target, which I think saves a bit of heartache!