Monday, September 11, 2017

A Big Soccer Saturday

Sometimes I feel like our weekends are broken up into 5 pieces!  This is how ours went down this weekend:

Friday night - easy sandwiches for dinner at home
Saturday morning - soccer, playgrounds, walk
Saturday after nap - football game and dinner date
Sunday morning - church
Sunday after nap - chill time

Here's the breakdown in pictures!

A couple months ago I noticed she loved kicking a ball in our backyard so I got her a little soccer ball to play with.  She talked about her soccer ball all the time and wanted to play every day after I picked her up.  So we ended up signing her up for Soccer Shots which is just down the road from our house!  

It is the cutest little program and her Coach Shana is young and fun!  Molly Anne ran right up to her on Saturday and said, "Hey Coach Shana, this is gonna be fun!"  And gave her a big hug.  It was so sweet.  

Molly Anne's outfit - jacket, shorts, shoes

She only had to be retrieved a few times from running to the nearby playground! ;)

Where is Molly Anne?!  Oh, she's the kid over there on the left of the picture running by herself.  She beats to her own drum!  In general she did pretty well but I think the team atmosphere and a little structure will help her!  

After soccer, we went to our new neighborhood playground to play for a little bit.  We came home and went for a walk to our hood's playground and had lunch out there.  It was a beautiful day.  

In the afternoon we went to the local middle school 7th grade football game!  We went to see our friend Ava cheer!  She did such a good job!  Molly Anne loved jumping around pretending to their cheers.  

When we got home, Kevin suggested we go to Basil for dinner.  We don't usually take Molly Anne to nice restaurants like this but we said what the heck, let's do it.  We sat outside and it was perfect!  She liked "cheers-ing!"

We got her a basil roll to try.  She liked dipping it but never ended up eating any of it.  Ha!

She loved her chicken satay skewers and broccoli though!  She ate a really good dinner!  

Sooooo she got to get some ice cream at Marble Slab afterwards!  

I grabbed a glass of wine at Dean and Deluca and we hung out on the patio at Stonecrest and listened to about 10 minutes of live music before we had to head home for bed!  She had a blast and so did we!  A fun family date!

Mills and I went for a little walk with Sarah and Elizabeth!  

It was a big Saturday so we kept it super low key on Sunday!


  1. Perfect weekend! I can't get over what a big kid MA looks like at soccer!

  2. What a fun weekend and those soccer pictures couldn't be any more adorable!

  3. I cannot handle MA in the soccer pics!!!! Too stinking cute!