Wednesday, September 6, 2017

House Updates - Paint, Carpet, Mirror, Light

Dad ended up having to replace our garbage disposal at our current house this week and we replaced two toilets last week.  We are getting inundated with an 18 year old house ahh!  But let's talk things with the new house because that is keeping us busy!

On Friday night, Mom, Kevin and I sat down and looked at carpet and paint together.  Mom and I had gone through the paint deck earlier that day so we wanted to get his thoughts.  I started a Word document so I can have our thoughts organized.  

We are thinking this dark gray blue for shutters and white dove or pale oak for soffit and fascia trim.  That's our brick that they are sitting on but we have white mortar smeared on the brick that's been installed on the house so it's not entirely accurate.  I need to get a brick with mortar so we can see exactly what it'll look like.

We ordered this mirror for our powder room this week!  It already came and I love it!

I also ordered this light for our downstairs bath (not powder room) and it's so pretty!  We are trying to pick up things as we go when we see them on sale.  

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