Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fresh Market Shopping

Like I said yesterday, I'm not sure if you all will find this helpful or interesting or anything but I love when others do these type of posts.  It just gives me some new ideas sometimes!  And this post is not sponsored, Fresh Market doesn't know about me ha!  

Usually I do our grocery shopping at Harris Teeter via the express lane so I just drive through and get it.  I never go in.  But sometimes it's fun to go to Fresh Market and get some pre-made meals so we will have an easier week and I basically don't have to make meals throughout the week, it's already done.  I do realize this is a more expensive way to go but these days, we are willing to spend a little bit more money for convenience.  

This trip I didn't get many basics because we already have eggs, our milk, condiments, breakfast stuff etc.  This was mainly to get actual meals.  I spent $138 on all of this.  Okay here is what I got and I'll break it down into meals for you. 

1.  First I got the $20 little big meal that Fresh Market has every week.  This week it was tacos and I chose chicken.  We had these Sunday night and they were good.  And we have leftovers so that's helpful.  We try to do a leftover night each week.  

2.  I got meatballs, slaw and twice baked potatoes for a meal. 

3.  Meat lasagna ($20) which is big enough for two nights plus a Caesar salad to go with it.  

4.  We got wings and dips for watching the Panther's game on Sunday but this could easily be a meal.  

5.  Basil, tomato, mozzarella sandwiches - we already had the basil, mozz and bread.  Plus an Asian chopped salad.   

Other things:
Milk for Molly Anne
Juices for Kevin (he chooses to drink his veggies!)
Avocados for breakfasts
Fruit - strawberries and raspberries (they were two for $7)
Chicken salad for two days of lunch

Have you all tried the little big meals?!  We've done a couple others and really liked them.  The only thing is that we wouldn't buy the dessert usually so it only ends up being a kinda okay deal.  You can see on the receipt that after everything rang in, the discount ended up being $8.44.  So take out the dessert and we only saved a few dollars.  But, I didn't have to figure out a meal, they did it for me so there's that.  And it gets us out of our normal meal routine.  

I won't go to Fresh Market every week and do this, most times I'll still meal plan and get stuff at Teeter but this was something different and will give me an easier few days.  I was supposed to travel today and tomorrow but it got canceled.  This would have been super easy for Kevin.  


  1. Love these kind of posts, if I get my act together, I'll do a similar one. I love fresh market for occasional dinners too. I've never done a big little meal, but it's a great idea. At first it sounded a touch pricey ($20 for tacos) but they really give you a lot and their quality is top, so I think it's actually fair. Keep these posts comin!

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with TFM. I used to really love them, but after Apollo Global bought them, I think that there were many changes in a negative direction. They remodeled/expanded our local store (Cameron Village) and it's nowhere near the experience it used to be. They also changed their product mix, and not for the better. I used to adore the Little Big Meals, and purchased them almost weekly. I am single, no kids, so a $20 LBM made 4 or more dinners/lunches for me and was a great value--until they started changing them up (reducing the number of items included in meal, or changing them) and this summer, they raised the price to $25 and that's when I stopped purchasing! I have noticed they lowered the price back to $20 as of a few weeks ago, so depending on what meals they offer this winter, I may return to purchasing them. My favorite summer LBM is the kabob meal (but it was better with the Near East couscous choice than the deli pasta salad) and my favorite winter LBM is the chili meal with the Frontera chili starter and the corn muffins. I make great homemade chili, but as you said, sometimes it's about convenience!

  3. It's Tuesday...you MUST return today for Cluck & Chuck!!!! Boneless skinless chicken breasts and ground beef are $2.99/lb. you can brown the beef for Italian or Mexican. The chicken is great to bake or crockpot! Seriously, toss the chicken in the crock pot w a can of tomatoes or salsa ... possibilities are endless!!!!!

  4. I haven't done much Fresh Market shopping even though there is one just minutes from our house. I will have to check out some of these Little Big Meals.

  5. I love these posts! Super helpful!