Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Molly Anne and the Flag

I am on my way to Utah for the day so here is a quick post!

This has absolutely nothing to do with the ongoing NFL and National Anthem although I'm sure you all can imagine how I feel about that.   This is just a cool story about Molly Anne that happened last week and into this week!

She has been in gymnastics class at a local YMCA.  Last Thursday as we were leaving, she stopped by the tall flagpole and asked me what it was and what was on top.  I told her it was the American flag and how lucky we are to be Americans.  I also told her that we have an American flag flying in front of our home and I would show it to her that night when we got home.  

Soooo of course when we got home, I took her out front and showed it to her.  She was beginning to connect the dots.   Fast forward to yesterday and we were leaving Ms. Becky's and drove past a high school.  Out of nowhere I hear, "Mama, LOOK!  I see an American flag!"  

So proud of her!  And proud to be an American too, of course!


  1. Adorable. And I'm sure we don't agree on the whole flag/kneeling/NFL situation going on, but that's ok! Ha. Tommy was an Eagle Scout and is SO particular about the flag. He bought a house that came with a flag and a place to hang it outside of a front window. However, he will not hang it if it's raining, if it isn't illuminated and 1000 other rules that I am sure are real, but I don't think anyone ever really follows at their homes! Trying to at least get the MD flag out there. Ha.

  2. So sweet! It's fun to see them start to make connections with everything. :)