Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Random Hump Day

I'm kinda blah this week with my blogging!  Sorry about that.  Just not a ton going on.  Well there is but it's itty bitty house details that you probably don't have much interest in!  Here are a few things:

1.  I need to get Molly Anne some Fall clothes.  Currently she has three long sleeve shirts and three or four pairs of leggings.  I took some Blanks Boutique shirts to Christine to get monogrammed yesterday so they will be great to have!  I do need to get her some leggings before they're all gone.  I swear by the Luigi Kids brand.  They are thicker and hold up well!  

2.  Yesterday my bossman randomly asked a few of us to lunch and took us to The Palm.  It was a nice treat!

3.  Did I mention that we officially decided not to do the pool for our house?  It was a combo of reasons of why we decided not to do it but mainly safety and it's always something we can do later.

4.  On Monday night I sold a bunch of things on a local mom's Facebook group.  It felt so good to purge my closet.  I honestly could probably do it again, like tomorrow!  I'm in major purge mode before we move.  If we haven't used it since we've moved to our house, it's gone!  Kevin (who still owns clothes from elementary school) better watch out!  ;)

5.  We have a busy few weekends coming up including a charity event this weekend.  We are looking forward to that! 

6.  All of the children at soccer on Saturday got asked what animal they would like to be that day.  Most children said dog, cat, cow, pig etc.  What does Molly Anne say?  Seagull!   

That's all for today.  What's going on in your world?!

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  1. Seagull! Hahaha!
    And I agree. get rid of everything. If not, then when you get into the new house, you open boxes and think "why the hell did I both packing and moving this???"