Thursday, June 26, 2014

Parent's Gifts

I always feel like our parents are the hardest to buy for.  My parents and Kevin's parents go out and get what they want.  So I always try to think of something unique and special they normally wouldn't buy.

This year for my parents anniversary we got them this lemon tree.  Mom loves all of this kind of stuff on her porch and back patio so this suit them.  Plus maybe their love will keep blooming like the tree! ;)  Thank you Nicole for that saying!

Last year we had this frame done for them for their 40th.  See post here.

For Kevin's parents, we gave them an address yard sign like this one year...then another year we had a party for them.

As for birthdays...
Special golf shirts for Kevin's Dad

the wreath I mentioned for Kevin's Mom

The most popular gift for our Mom's.

Dad loves Woodcraft or Home Depot so usually a gift card from there.  Totally impersonal but he loves them. ... I think.

Other ideas....
 - One of their most special restaurants...send them there and call ahead to the restaurant with your card number and then they never get a bill but got to get whatever they wanted.  I did this once when I sent my parents to DC after I got a big bonus one year.  That trip was a thank you for my education.

 - I think this steak brander is cool.  We gave our Dad's each one for Christmas one year.

 - We love giving Tervis Tumblers because we love them!  In fact, we have an entire cabinet in our kitchen of them.  You can get them monogrammed from the Tervis website here.  If you sign up to receive their emails, they're always running some sort of promotion!

Maybe this gave you all some parental/adult gift ideas?!  Hopefully!


  1. I kinda love this post because my moms birthday is coming up in July and I had no idea what to get her. I love the wreth and frame though!

  2. My MOm has always liked when I make her Shutterfly book of family photos.

  3. All great suggestions! My parents are so hard to buy for and especially post-grad, I want to do something nice for them! thanks for the tips.

  4. I got J grill presses before, I think from Sur La Table (basically like Williams Sonoma). It's a heavy weight that you put on top of the food you're grilling to get those marks on it.

  5. What a wonderful post and I'm definitely going to take some of your ideas. How did I not know you could buy plants from Williams Sonoma? Has your mom found the Meyer lemon tree easy to grow?