Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kim/Mills & Wylie/Ave Crowd

This past weekend ended up being pretty busy.  But good busy.  Yall know what I mean.

It started like this.  Play time with my buddy while we waited on Kevin to get home from work.

Then we went to Hawthorne's for pizza to get the weekend started.  Very casual and perfect for a Friday night.

Saturday morning I was so excited to be included in Kim's baby shower.  She is 35 weeks and doesn't even look pregnant in this picture, does she?!  She does have the cutest lil basketball in front of her though.  Couldn't be happier for she and Jim as they welcome a baby girl early July!

I ran some errands in between the shower and Wylie and his parents coming over.  Mills was so excited to play with his brother again and we love hanging with McGee and Jared.  They told us big news - McGee is due in November with their first child.  They find out this Thursday boy or girl!

The boys played their lil hearts out.

And even played in the pool!  

Hey Wylie!  Looks like that water needs to be changed!

They played many rounds of fetch with four tennis balls at one time. 

And they drank beer together.  Mills' namesake of course!  They truly split this can of beer.  Cracked us up!

Then I hosed their paws off and they got to play towel. 

Kevin and I got cleaned up quickly and our main squeeze, Tony came and grabbed us.  We haven't seen as much of Tony lately since we started using Uber.  But we love him just the same!

We headed up to the Montford area and met up with our Avenue friends for dinner at Maverick Rock Taco.  Then we hit up Jeff's Bucket Shop, Brazwell's and Park 10 Lanes.  Such a fun night!

Sunday morning came early and I threw a baby shower at my house!  I can't wait to tell you all about that tomorrow!


Miss Southern Prep said...

I always love your clothes! That cracks me up about the beer--too cute! I can't wait to see shower pics tomorrow!

megan said...

Love seeing Mills and his bro play together, as well as their crimpy ears! :)